300 innovative Digital Health, eHealth, mHealth startups in India

300 Innovative digital health startups in India

300 innovative Digital Health, eHealth, mHealth startups in India

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The following table lists 300 Innovative digital health startups in India

Sl NoNameCountry
1Theranosis Lifesciences Pvt Ltd India
2puja medimart India
3AZ Innovatives India
4Reckare India
5Ripple - Smart Water Bottle India
6BeYouPlus  India
7Medicalr India
8Pocket Pill India
9huehealth.com India
10TiyoApp India
11My Child India
12AllizHealth India
13iKure Techsoft (P) Ltd. India
14Healthandme India
15Prezcription India
16JioVio healthcare India
17EisenVault India
18Arth.Tech India
19Klickkit India
20GOLDENHOUR SYSTEMS Pvt L (Ambulance.run) India
21Advenio TecnoSys India
22CareOns India
23Superdoc India
24RTWO Healthcare Solutions India
25PinkBLue.in India
26Inguin India
27Medinfi Healthcare Pvt Ltd India
28CUREFY India
29HealthEnclave India
30Doctor Insta Pvt. Ltd. India
31iNICU Medical Pvt Ltd India
32GOD(Global Organ Donation) System India
33Wellthy Therapeutics India
34Script All DNA Technologies India
35Doxilion India
36Startup Tunnel India
37Kallows India
38PurpleDocs India
39ProHealth Inc India
40Menias India
41Doctl India
42Helfis India
43DocMode.org India
44thingTronics Innovations India
45RedDrop365 India
46Cottonsoil Healthcare Tech Pvt Ltd India
47Letchek India
48Infycure India
49SocialWell India
50SmartCTHealthGPS India
51Doc99 - Aavanor Systems India
52Drsafehands.com India
53Datazzle Technology Services India
54Yaathum Biotech India
55Healthiply.in India
56Elite Healers India
57Auth Base Pvt Ltd India
58Nectors India
59PickHealth India
60HealthZwealtH India
61Check My Cure India
62The Project Health India
63MyHealthPack.com India
64AUC Ventures Private Limited India
65Chai Tech Pvt Ltd India
66mTatva India
67Livehealth India
68Call A Diag India
69Eminera Technology Pvt Ltd India
70Madmorning.com India
71doctorfromhome.in India
72BetterConnect+ (BetterConnectPlus) India
74medEwise India
75RxHealth India
76elth.ai India
77Team Logituit India
78Uniphore India
79Mr Med India
80Lattice Innovations Pvt Ltd India
81NRI Family Health India
82QBRICS India
83PharmaSecure India
84LifeHover India
86AloBin Technologies India
87Healnt India
88CureZania India
89EasyM2M Technologies Pvt. Ltd India
90Onward Health India
91ValencyNetworks India
92swstha India
93Bestosys India
94LivHea India
95PhysioConnect India
96Yemedo India
97Corseco Technologies India
98BloodPORT India
99Doctorcabin India
100Pulse Digital Clinic India
101eMediplus India
102Healthingo India
103NatCue India
104Care Circle India
105Vanuston Intelligence India
106Instant Medical India India
107Klassify India
108healrs India
109Edupsyche Educational Services Pvt Ltd India
110Offpay India
111Arkai Healthcare India
112Fluvina India
113Medzin India
114PSTakeCare India
115Mc Health Grid Corp Pvt Ltd India
116OoWomaniya India
117Intelleza India
118Navia Life Care India
120CliniFact India
121KidNurture India
122IoTeractionLabs India
123KiviHealth India
124Instinct Innovations India
125dawaaii.com India
126Rxpress India
127India Online Health India
128Tychee Innovations India
129mycarevault India
130eCareAgora India
131Dr.Assist Cancer care intelligence India
132Infosoft Technologies India
134CareMother India
135HealthEnclave India
136Surgerica India
137Psynapce India
138AmbuPod India
139Medchain India
140Epilen India
141Medisius India
143Vytal Healthtech Pvt Ltd India
144ODRISC Technologies India
145Top Hospital India
146TheMedAssist India
147QuickDoc India
148Jiwadaya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. India
149aanapie India
150Apolotus Health Solution Private Ltd India
151HELYXON Healthcare Solution P Ltd… India
152praktice.ai India
153SALK India
154Iatreia Healthcare India
155HWDL India
156Voereir India Pvt LimitedIndia
157Cafe CounselIndia
158Neonage Healthcare Private Limited India
159Knoou India
160bookmyOPticket India
161Greenvissage Business Conslting LLP. India
162Jugat.net India
163Wellthy Diabetes India
164PoleVault Health India
165Airmed India
166Greenojo Consulting Private Limited India
167Sentienz India
168EZ Diagno India
169CureAsyst India
170MedAlert India
171Array Street India
172Amigo Care India
174Zena India
175ITEBO Technology Pvt. Ltd. India
176Infospital Technologies Pvt Ltd India
177takeMyCare India
178Doctors Corner India
179FamPhy India
180TechUbiquity India
181My Family Doctor India
182evexia solutions Pvt. Ltd India
183Cough and Wheeze Analyzer India
184Born2win Technologies India
185Breathe Well-being India
186Hosppi India
187Doctor From Home -India India
188Intelleza Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India
189Rolyte HealthTech India
190BuzyDoctor Technologies India
191Anushree Industries India Pvt Ltd India
192Cureplus Technologies pvt ltd India
193MobiDent India
194prxcloud India
195goAmbee India
196Redian Software Pvt Ltd India
197Adjutas Cloud Technology India
198Clinicia India
199AMBER Health India
200BookMyHealthCheckup.com India
20142hertz India
202Winning Edge Labs India
203Save Your Health India
204IQH Medicare India
205ICULive India
206curill India
207Khojpal India
208Doctor Parivar India
209Jaspital India
210eHA India
211Viecare Health Services Pvt Ltd India
212TreatUp India
213Dtalk India
214Swarajya Solutions India
215Progressive Care India
216QuickMedico Digital Private Limited India
217ProElp App India
218Davazo India
219Medipta India
220Prescrip India
221HealthSocho India
222Ashvah Technologies India
223ZYWEE India
225Zerive India
226Care Anonymous India
227ihealthkonnect India Pvt Ltd India
228Beinge (pronounced as "being") India
229Remedo India
230Manddo India
231Team Medismo India
232Olahive Healthcare India
233Surgeri - Surgical Data Science Platform India
234Webosphere Inc India
235Cure24x7 India
236kidoro Health India
237Doctor Stay Technology India
238insightecare India
239Konect Health India
240MyHospitalAdvisor India
241MyMedicare India
242Avalance Global Solutions India
243callambulance/ nutrifi India
244MedIndia - Network for Health India
245Omni.Care India
247DrReach India
248HealtheLife Platform India
249Healthpandith India
250Vaccinebox India
251THB India
252Medioctor Solutions India
253Silver Oak Health India
254Team Webfarms India
255ImmunifyMe India
256Vaidyahunt India
257healthRIO India
258iMedicoz India
259Kavaii Health India
260medicoSA India
261Aguai SolutionsIndia
262Kratin Software Solutions India
263eClickhealth India
264CodeIntegration India
265Book Dr Appointment.com India
266cloudchowk India
267DocBeans India
268Healtho5 Solutions India
269Ineeddoctor India
270Ensphere India
271eKincare India
272Shaurya Technocrats India
273SmartLattice India
274YogaKaro India
275SmarterClinics India
276Avanzar Health India
277Catalanlabs India
278Merapharmacy India
279MPMS India
280Remedy Social India
281Actozen India
282GoDoctr.com India
283HealthPurify.com India
284PlayBuff Studios India
285Neer Technologies India
286Yro Systems India
287ArogyaOnline Healthcare & Info Services India
288Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd India
289Doctors' Circle India
290Healthx.in India
291Just Hearing Pvt Ltd (OPC) India
292DK Infosolutions India
293eonSemantics India
294TLSTEC India
295HealthOnPhone India
296BuzyDoctor India
297Manage Code Cultivate LLP India
298Vamanetra Digihealth India
299Way2HealthCare.com India
300NestingBits Technologies Private Limited India
301ikontel India
302TheRightDoctors.Com India
303DocEngage India
304Medport India
305U-Respect Foudnation India
306Open Medical Devices India
307healthrecordsindia.com India
308QuiCli India

Image credit: www.istockphoto.com

  1. Vivek 2 years ago

    Nice and informative article.But what is surprising is that a lot of other companies who are much ahead in the race are not listed.For eg Lybrate.com, Medylife.com,3hcare etc are some of the names which command good position in the Healthcare space but do not find a place in your 308 ventures list.

    • Team Dr. Hempel 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, our goal is to highlight lesser-known companies, so we are not particularly disappointed if any big names are missing from this list. However, we will consider your suggestions and look forward to your joining our list and network. thanks

  2. Preventive healthcare 2 years ago

    A very informative post you have shared here. But I want to suggest some healthcare solutions on this list like Apollo, SRL diagnostic, Thytrocare & Indus Health Plus, etc. these are also leading healthcare option in India.

    • Team Dr. Hempel 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment and your suggestions. We will assess and surely include all deserving companies on this list. Please be sure to subscribe to our list for other important updates.

  3. Dear Team,

    I am Ajas Mohammed, CEO of Medport which is listed in 304th position. We are extremely thankful in listing us as one of the innovative digital health startup in India. Also I appreciate Dr. Hempel and his team in promoting the startups of India.

    I would like to pointout a small correction, that is our website is wrongly entered as http://medportonline.com/ which we are no more using.
    Our current website is https://medport.in/ . I request you to kindly update this article with correct web address.

  4. rahul sanap 1 year ago

    I Like Mention http://www.densincart.com also good alternative for healthcare care industry

  5. Rahul Rai 11 months ago

    Hi Team,

    This is very informative article, i love to share this.
    here introducing record management for Health Care and Pharmaceuticals industry Learn more-http://www.securus.co.in/detail/health-care-and-pharmaceu

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