AT&T-OneLife collaborate to release LTE-M connection smartwatch

LTE-M connection smartwatch

LTE-M connection smartwatch

AT & T and One-Life have recently created the OnePulse smartwatch with LTE-M certification, which has been designed for continuous health monitoring.

AT&T together with mobile healthcare software maker OneLife Technologies have recently developed a medical-grade smartwatch with LTE-M certification, which allows the monitoring device to stay connected for up to five days.

Based on an announcement made by both the companies, along with its features for monitoring onboard movement, sleep pattern, heart rate, location, and fall tracking, this OnePulse smartwatch can connect to and gather data from various medical devices such as blood pressure cuffs or SPo2 monitors.

With that, data encryption and an open API also enable the device to communicate with particular EHR platforms, by means of customization options to adjust the device’s connecting services based on specific conditions.

In addition, owing to its smooth network connectivity and Bluetooth protocol, information, and alerts from the watch can be uninterruptedly shared with family members or care providers.

In a statement, Robert Wagner, CEO of OneLife Technologies, said that allowing AT&T connectivity for their devices is a big step towards launching their ‘Hub-of-Care’ model which will help the company in becoming a top Population Health Platform, with its ground-breaking wearable having the facility to connect the patients with their caregivers and provide access to patient data in a highly secure environment, almost in near real-time and anywhere in North America. He further shared that they want to provide the best possible healthcare, during an emergency, for those ageing, for the loved ones, or else to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Both AT & T and OneLife Technologies are planning to have the OnePulse smartwatch available for purchase by March, and they will be representing the smartwatch at Mobile World Congress Barcelona.


Wearable medical-grade technology has been around for some time now. Nevertheless, the evolving tech is providing a way to new devices that are more proficient and less challenging. The OnePulse smartwatch with all its user-friendly functions and compatibilities might prove to be a blessing for providers who are in search of a monitor that can fit into their widespread network of various devices and platforms.

According to Joe Mosele, vice president, Internet of Things, AT&T, the connected smartwatches that have been developed for healthcare purpose are a step forward into the future of patient care. The connectivity between patients and caregivers is just one example of how connectivity is changing and evolving the healthcare and helping in building new care models.

Joe also said that the AT & T’s network will be helping the medical providers and caregivers in monitoring the patients from a distance and get alerts in case something goes wrong.

The OnePulse smartwatch is a prized tool for the medical provider to monitor and track the health of chronically ill and ageing patients who plan to ‘age in place’. The OnePulse LTE-M medical and health smartwatch is a comprehensive solution for real-world, reasonably priced telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

With its very secure network, AT&T is empowering the digital revolution in healthcare. Whether it is a waiting room, living room, or almost anywhere in between, AT&T is facilitating providers in improving their patient outcomes.

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