European Health Catapult acceleration program invites applications from MedTech, BioTech startups

European Health Catapult acceleration program

European Health Catapult acceleration program

European Health Catapult provided a platform with the greatest opportunity to deserving startups to pitch their ideas in front of the world’s leading digital health sector, MedTech and biotech companies.

The European Health Catapult is encouraging 21 European startups in MedTech, biotech and digital health sector by spreading awareness to receive high-quality training and hands-on experience in the field of project pitching, generating strategical business plans and models, developing soft skills like negotiating and getting access to communicate with top-level stakeholders and investors.

The procedure of selecting the best applications will have to face three different phases or stages – selection at the regional level, selection for training purpose and final selection. The final selection of applications will take place during the EIT Health Summit and will be done by independent jury members. This amazing initiative has been taken by a group of investors, stakeholders and experts from the healthcare sector who would team-up to pose challenges to start-ups.

The focus or objective of the European Health Catapult is to incorporate the upcoming start-up and their innovative ideas in the EIT Health network in various fields such as IT sector, biotech, medtech, R&D sector of healthcare, medical science and pharmaceuticals.

In order to accelerate the program, various international investors and stakeholders have been integrated into it to boost optimized business plans.

The European Health Catapult has numerous advantages for the one genuinely interested in the programs. With this program, all the participants will get an opportunity to present their ideas on the international platform. The visibility level of your startup will skyrocket by pitching in front of expert investors from biotech, medtech, IT sector and healthcare sector. With this program, you will also be able to develop a large network with top-level investors and experts businessmen which would come handy to you in the years to come.

This training and competition program is cooperatively organized by EIT health and Health Axis Europe that will provide the biggest platform to represent your startup, innovative ideas, business plans to expert international investors. The award would be given to the best concept across Europe.

The greatest advantage of the European Health Catapult is the price that would be granted to the winners and semi-finalists. A total of 21 semi-finalists would be nominated for the final round and will receive prize money for the same. These 21 nominated finalists will be given the opportunity to provide their pitch at the summit. The finalist or the winners will be honoured with prize money of 40,000 euros in each category.

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