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Female entrepreneurship is on the rise and now are more than ever promoted through media. There is no doubt that media plays a huge role in the modern era to help motivate more women to enter and make an impact. This article highlights 10 successful women entrepreneurs in digital health technology USA.

1. Dr. Piraye Yurtas Beim

Successful women entrepreneurs

Image Courtesy of crainsnewyork.com

The CEO and founder of Celmatix (https://celmatix.com/)

First, on the list is Celmatix founded by Dr. Piraye Yurtas Beim, focuses on women fertility potential through the development of digital tools and genetic insights. The highly respected team includes a diverse group of world-class scientists and professionals. Their success in this field is due to their six years worth of research in clinical and genetics studies. They have been leading through the use of big data analytics and leading them is the founder herself Dr. Piraye Yurtas. She has been recognized by Fortune magazine as one of 15 entrepreneurs disruption their industry and also by Inc’s magazine in 10 Women to Watch Watch in Tech. She has proven by example that she can be a scientist, an entrepreneur and a CEO together while being a mother of two. Many young females in the field idolize her and she is their motivation to succeed.

2. Dr. Jin Lee

Image Courtesy of babynoggin.com

The CEO and founder of Qidza (http://www.qidza.com)

Next startup is called Qidza whose founder and CEO are Dr. Jin Lee. Qidza provides tech platforms to help and provide knowledge to parents about the importance of early diagnosis of diseases/disabilities in their child as they are very easy to miss. According to a report by CDC, 1 in 6 kids will have a delayed development due to not being diagnosed at an early age. The application is called Baby logging and is easily usable via smartphone. The app allows users to track multiple factors in a child such as sleep time, poop and pee to find patterns for any issues. The results are automatically uploaded to the server where doctors analyze them. This allows early detection of any problems which allows early treatment and a healthier child. Dr. Jin was trained in Oxford and thought of this when she wanted to know how to bring up their child in the best possible way and did not find the answers she was looking.

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3. Halle Tecco

Image Courtesy of rockhealth.com

The CEO and founder of Rock Health (https://rockhealth.com/)

Next, in the list is called Rock Health co-founded by Halle Tecco whose idea was not just to develop a product but to help other companies grow and succeed in the digital health market. This includes funding and mentorship for new start-ups which in turn can make a huge impact on their success. Their current portfolios companies include start-ups that are tackling problems in mental health, diabetes, smoking cessation and are working on the verge of technology mixed with medical expertise to find solutions. Halle Tecco herself is a Harvard business school graduate who has been recognized many times like on LinkedIn at “Top Professionals 35 and under” and by SF Chronicle in “Most powerful women in Technology.”

4. Rebecca Palma and Katie Vahle

The CEO and founder of CoPatient (https://site.copatient.com/)

Image Courtesy of au.linkedin.com

Image Courtesy of crunchbase.com

CoPatient is a startup co-founded by both Rebecca Palma and Katie Vahle. CoPatient is a free service via an app which allows users to track their medical bills easily and notifies them if any records are incorrect or high after which the app appeals reduced rates from the health care. The company’s main aim is to guide and help people navigate through difficult financial healthcare decisions. Experts in the enterprise review all the unpaid bills and make sure they were charged if found otherwise they will negotiate on the user’s behalf for fair pricing. Both co-founders are tech-savvy entrepreneurs who combine their business analysis skills with consumer requirements to solve problems in the area of finance, operations, and infrastructure of the firm.

5. Jessica Dear

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The CEO and founder of iCouch (https://pro.icouch.me/)

iCouch whose co-founder and the chief clinical officer is Jessica Dear is next on the list. This company aims to have a positive global impact in the way mental health care work is provided and implemented. The sole focus is to make sure that help is available anywhere where people need it without any barriers. The platform allows both the practitioner and patient to be in therapy via a beautifully designed interface which makes it feel familiar. Scheduling and messaging within the platform helps keep communication alive even after the therapy is done. Co-founder Jessica Dear has ten years experience as a therapist and promotes being a therapist entrepreneur together with her work via her websites and blogs for other young/ambitious women to follow her footsteps.

6. Lisa Maki

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The CEO and founder of PokitDok (https://pokitdok.com/)

PokitDok co-founded by Lisa Maki is one of the startups that would be seen very commonly shortly.

As the name suggests, this company’s aim was to bring the hospital into the convenience of your smartphone. In situations of emergencies and system like this would be a life saver as every second in an emergency could mean life or death for the patient. The platform is designed in a way in which all the consumers (patients), providers(doctors) and payers (insurance) come together under one ecosystem in harmony. A user can only use the app to schedule and pay an appointment without any hassle. Lisa was inspired to make this a reality through her back injury and wanted to ensure no one else would have to go through the pain that she did without help anymore.

7. Deborah Anderson Bialis

Image Courtesy of crunchbase.com

The CEO and founder of FetilityIQ (https://www.fertilityiq.com/)

FetilityIQ co-founded by Deborah Anderson Bialis is an online platform which was developed with one thing in mind, for fertility patients to be easily able to assess their doctors and not be fooled into spending more that’s needed. The platform contains all information required for people to be able to compare and contrast before starting any treatment. The information includes cost and procedures such as IVF, Egg Freezing, LGBT and holistic. The platform is simple to use, and all the user has to do is search the name of the doctor and leave a review. Through this, the doctor also receivers there rating and recommendation as a percentage. Deborah thought about this when she and her husband spent years jumping around different doctors for fertility treatments. She and her husband then decided it was about time the there was a way to search trusted doctors reviewed by actual patients and decided to develop this platform.

8. Katherine Ryder

Image Courtesy of crunchbase.com

The CEO and founder of Maven (https://www.mavenclinic.com/)

Maven is another successful startup founded by Katherine Ryder with the aim to be a digital health clinic for women. The company adds privacy, affordability, and ease into one beautiful package to allow women make health care decisions quickly. The platform simple to use and all the user has to do is choose whether they want to talk to a practitioner or read through their forums for advice. If they would like to speak, a simple schedule is set up at the user’s appointed time after which the practitioner even sends notes. Katherine was initially a journalist who turned into an entrepreneur and joined a 2-year early stage investment team to help her establish the business. Now Maven is one of the first portfolio companies of ‘The Females Founders Fund.’

9. Dr. Maryam Ziaei and Dr. Shadi Saberi
The CEO and founder of iSonoHealth (http://www.isonohealth.com/)

Image Courtesy of holaconnect.com

Image Courtesy of crunchbase.com

iSonoHealth was founded by two female entrepreneurs namely Dr. Maryam Ziaei and Dr. Shadi Saberi to allow all women to monitor their breasts from the comfort of their homes. Breast cancer can be easily undetected if the right knowledge is not provided hence this company through the use of ultrasound and an app made an affordable way for women to test themselves. The 3D ultrasound technology is safe to use without any dangers of radiation and detects any changes that happen over time. As this is a simple procedure so can be repeated monthly instead of yearly for accurate results. Both the co-founders had family members who had breast cancer which was their inspiration to have an affordable solution.

10. Gina Bartasi

Image Courtesy of crunchbase.com

The CEO and founder of Progeny (https://www.progyny.com)

The last startup in this article was founded by Gina Bartasi called Progeny. This startup is focused on providing advanced, safe and improved fertility solutions through continuous treatments until a child is conceived. For cases which can not be solved through health care, they also simply offer adoption resources. Gina initially launched a fertility authority platform which after much frustration due to lack of IVF information was merged with Auxogyn and also lead to the creation of the app. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital healthcare and is also a Harvard business school graduate. She has led the company to various funding rounds which to date has raised close to $ 90 million.

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