122 Digital Health Innovators, CEOs & Co-founders in Finland | Key contacts

122 Digital health innovators – CEOs in Finland

Only those of you who have walked along the path of entrepreneurship know its challenges, but you also bring us its rewards. Thank you!

Also, a big thumbs up to policymakers, institutions, academics and all those stakeholders without whose vision this would not be possible.

We have compiled a list of 122 Digital health innovators – CEOs in Finland who are making a mark in the digital health sector. We know we may have left someone out, but we did our best.

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This is not a ranking

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Sr. No.CEO /FounderCountry
1Carita SavinFinland
2Ari TullaFinland
3Kristian AhlersFinland
4Tommi LehtonenFinland
5Veli-Heikki SaariFinland
6Jussi MäättäFinland
7Olli TikkanenFinland
8Alireza HasanpourFinland
9Thomas GrandellFinland
10Jussi KujanpääFinland
11Teemu PiirainenFinland
12Jarl EklundFinland
13Katja RatamäkiFinland
14Visa SippolaFinland
15Antti VaananenFinland
16Pasi PorramoFinland
17Jaakko OlkkonenFinland
18Sami HerralaFinland
19Arto LeppisaariFinland
20Lasse LeppäkorpiFinland
21Katariina RantanenFinland
22Jani AhonalaFinland
23Jaakko HattulaFinland
24Nelli Lähteenmäki
25Jari ForsströmFinland
26Janne PitkänenFinland
27Ossi ParviainenFinland
28Ari TolonenFinland
29Nader NadaFinland
30Alexander BargumFinland
31Jyrki EklundFinland
32Seppo LindroosFinland
33Aki PrihtiFinland
34Dr. Aleksi SoiniFinland
35Mika TorholaFinland
36Mervi LamminenFinland
37Janne PylväsFinland
38Pekka JalovaaraFinland
39Petteri ViljanenFinland
40Tero SilvolaFinland
41Nina IgnatiusFinland
42Tomi NumminenFinland
43Semi KorpelaFinland
44Hannu HuttunenFinland
45Ahti MäkitieFinland
46Giovanni Caforio Finland
47Ossi RiekkinenFinland
48Helena PuontiFinland
49Miikka MaijalaFinland
50Lennart ThurfjellFinland
51Matti JääskeläinenFinland
52Tarmo MartikainenFinland
53Matti RätyFinland
54Esa ParjanenFinland
55Arno ParviainenFinland
56Pekka MattilaFinland
57Merja AuvinenFinland
58Jouni KeltanenFinland
59Niina Venho Finland
60Vesa KemppainenFinland
61Kaija Korpiaho-HagaFinland
62Niklas ElersFinland
63Katri KakkuriFinland
64Heikki RäisänenFinland
65Jussi VolanenFinland
66Elias RevontaFinland
67Remberto MartinezFinland
68Ilpo TolonenFinland
69Mikko VeräjänkorvaFinland
70Risto JalovaaraFinland
71Joni KettunenFinland
72Klaus RauhansaloFinland
73Henrik JurgensFinland
74Pekka MäkeläFinland
75Kirsikka KaipainenFinland
76Kimmo KorhonenFinland
77Mia KarlssonFinland
78Riitta TiuraniemiFinland
79Pekka SimulaFinland
80Maria SeverinaFinland
81Anssi LipsonenFinland
82Mira PovelainenFinland
83Ari TiukkanenFinland
84Sébastien GianelliFinland
85Mikko SavolaFinland
86Timo SoukkaFinland
87Tapio KoivuFinland
88Teemu SunaFinland
89Jouni ToijalaFinland
90Dr. Kalevi KurkijärviFinland
91Wei LiFinland
92Lauri SippolaFinland
93Piia HuikuriFinland
94Marion BobergFinland
95Tarek NassarFinland
96Ove NäsmanFinland
97Anssi YlimaulaFinland
98Hannu NissinenFinland
99Sameer SaralFinland
100Kari AuranahoFinland
101Harri PuolitaivalFinland
102Ville LaineFinland
103Tuomas TenkanenFinland
104Kari LaineFinland
105Juha-Matti RantaFinland
106Tuija KeinonenFinland
107Irja SuokasFinland
108Elina Yli-Erkkilä Finland
109Yoko KeränenFinland
110Sami KilpinenFinland
111Mikko KiiskilaFinland
112Tapio JokinenFinland
113Markku AhertoFinland
114David VatkaFinland
115Rajive AcharyaFinland
116Petri KatajamäkiFinland
117Joni NelimarkkaFinland
118Kaapo Annala
119Hannes Lohi
120Pekka TolvanenFinland
121Goran SundholmFinland
122Ismo SavikoskiFinland

Image credit: www.linkedin.com

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  1. Timo Heikkilä 2 years ago

    Please add Teemu Piirainen from Popit. Popit has developed a novel solution for medication adherence that can impact the lives & treatment efficiency of many.

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