25 Innovative digital health, eHealth, mHealth startups in Netherlands

digital health, eHealth, mHealth startups in Netherlands

25 Innovative digital health, eHealth, mHealth startups in Netherlands

We have compiled a list of 25 digital health, eHealth, mHealth startups in Netherlands.

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This is not a ranking

Sno. CompanyLocation
2Umenz Benelux BVNetherlands 
4Behandeling BegrepenNetherlands 
8Healthy WorkersNetherlands 
9&thijs | thuis in jouw situatieNetherlands 
13Jouw OmgevingNetherlands 
16CC DiagnosticsNetherlands 
19Inmote MedTech - WoundmonitorNetherlands 
21Patient Journey AppNetherlands 
22Binnovate Digital Health CorpNetherlands 
24BlueMed e-healthNetherlands 
25NewHealth CollectiveNetherlands 
26Welcome to our list iThriveNetherlands 
27Welcome to our list BeterDichtbij,Netherlands 

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Image Credit: www.istockphoto.com

  1. Would like to add our Start-up to the list: iThrive!

  2. Team Dr. Hempel 2 years ago

    Thank you for the suggestion. You have a matured product idea and an excellent team to execute. Welcome to our list.

  3. Erica Bouma 2 years ago

    Hi, good list! We would like to add the service concept BeterDichtbij, that provides easy access to trusted healthcare providers and offers a better patient experience. For more information go to: https://www.beterdichtbij.nl. Thanks, kind regards.

  4. Geert Klein Breteler 2 years ago

    I there, thank you for putting MEXTRA on the list. Could you please change the url to https://mextra.nl. Changing MeXtra into MEXTRA would also be very nice.

    Geert Klein Breteler

  5. sd 2 years ago

    This list seems good, great post!

  6. Enya 1 year ago

    Hello! Dutch company with African market (like Momala). We are an mHealth solution based in The Hague, and operating in 8 African countries; connecting people seeking health advice to licensed doctors anywhere in the world via our app and online platform. We are empowering end-users to own their health by enabling the safe storage of medical records.

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