50 venture capital firms in Germany to finance your digital health startup

50 venture capital firms in Germany to finance your digital health startup

Here is a list of 50 venture capital firms in Germany to finance your digital health startup

Sl NoCompany NameLocation
1Wellington PartnersGermany
2Creathor VentureGermany
3SHS Gesellschaft für BeteiligungsmanagementGermany
4Project A VenturesGermany
5XL Health AGGermany
6Peppermint Venture Partners GmbHGermany
7Kompass DigitalGermany
8Atlantic LabsGermany
9SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbHGermany
10Heidelberg InnovationGermany
11ProSiebenSat.1 AcceleratorGermany
12drkv - Dr. Kirchhof Ventures GmbHGermany
14Paua VenturesGermany
15Willendorff Technologies GmbHGermany
16Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC)Germany
17Point Nine CapitalGermany
18ZIM Plant Technology GmbHGermany
19Hasso Plattner VenturesGermany
20AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaAGermany
21High-Tech GründerfondsGermany
22Target PartnersGermany
23Innogy Venture Capital GmbHGermany
24Berlin Startup AcademyGermany
25Triangle Venture Capital GroupGermany
27Flagsol GmbH / Solar Millennium AGGermany
28VCDE Venture PartnersGermany
29Vito VenturesGermany
30EMH PartnersGermany
31IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbHGermany
32leAD Sports AcceleratorGermany
34Next Media AcceleratorGermany
36ViewPoint Capital PartnersGermany
37Catagonia Capital & ConsultingGermany
38Fly VenturesGermany
39Neuhaus Partners GmbHGermany
40Parklane CapitalGermany
41Unternehmertum Venture Capital PartnersGermany
42Bayern Kapital GmbHGermany
43eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AGGermany
44Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) at KITGermany
46WestTech Ventures GmbHGermany
47Avala CapitalGermany
48f.u.n. netzwerk nordbayern gmbhGermany
49AQAL GroupGermany
50Burda Principal InvestmentsGermany

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