50 venture capital firms in Israel to finance your technology  / digital health startup

50 venture capital firms in Israel to finance your digital health startup

50 venture capital firms in Israel to finance your technology  / digital health startup

The aim of this list is to foster connections between venture capital and global digital health communities.

If your company is not on this list or if we have missed something do let us know.

We would like to expand this list to include your company, Write us a comment below.

Note 1: This is not a ranking.

Note 2: This is not a collection of pure digital health VCS

Sl NoCompany NameCountry
1Pitango Venture CapitalIsrael
2VLX VenturesIsrael
5Joy VenturesIsrael
7Incubit Technology VenturesIsrael
9Rubner Technology VenturesIsrael
10Van Leer Technology Ventures- Jerusalem Ltd.Israel
11Carmel VenturesIsrael
12Giza Venture CapitalIsrael
13PeriTech - Investment & TechnologyIsrael
15Vertex Venture CapitalIsrael
16Viola GrowthIsrael
17Genesis PartnersIsrael
18Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew UniversityIsrael
19Magma Venture PartnersIsrael
20Glilot Capital PartnersIsrael
21Elevator FundIsrael
22Lighthouse - Personalized Startup CommunityIsrael
24Terra Venture PartnersIsrael
25JANVEST Capital Partners LLCIsrael
26Impact First InvestmentsIsrael
27Qumra CapitalIsrael
28Viola CreditIsrael
29Nielsen InnovateIsrael
30Cyhawk Ventures Ltd.Israel
31Cedar FundIsrael
32Incentive, Peregrine Ventures IncubatorIsrael
34Hutchison KinrotIsrael
35AltaIR Capital ManagementIsrael
36Fortissimo CapitalIsrael
37Jerusalem Global VenturesIsrael
38Fruition LTDIsrael
39Irrational InnovationsIsrael
40Xenia Venture CapitalIsrael
41F2 CapitalIsrael
42Craft CapitalIsrael
43EXODUS Accelerator HUBIsrael
44BIRAD - Bar Ilan R&D Co. LtdIsrael
45Horizon GreenTech VenturesIsrael
47DS VenturesIsrael
49BME Capital Management Ltd.Israel
50Founders GroupIsrael

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