100 venture capital firms in USA to finance your technology, eHealth startup

100 venture capital firms in USA

100 venture capital firms in USA to finance your technology startup

The aim of this list is to foster connections between venture capital and global digital health communities.

If your company is not on this list or if we have missed something do let us know.

We would like to expand this list to include your company, Write us a comment below.

This is not a ranking.

The table below gives a list of 100 venture capital firms in USA.

Sl NoCompany NameCountry
1Health WildcattersUSA
2Canaan PartnersUSA
3Morgenthaler VenturesUSA
5Safeguard ScientificsUSA
6Abundant Venture PartnersUSA
7Wildcat Venture PartnersUSA
9Canvas VenturesUSA
10Seven Peaks VenturesUSA
11NewGen CapitalUSA
12Radius Ventures LlcUSA
13Fika VenturesUSA
14Athenian Venture PartnersUSA
15Asset Management VenturesUSA
16LDR VenturesUSA
17Lemhi VenturesUSA
18Natural Bridges VenturesUSA
191315 CapitalUSA
20Milestone Venture PartnersUSA
22JAZZ Venture PartnersUSA
23Ascension VenturesUSA
24Nick Hiter ProjectUSA
25MassMutual VenturesUSA
26Health Rosetta GroupUSA
27Health Catalyst Capital Management LLCUSA
28Health Enterprise Partners, L.PUSA
29Tullis Health InvestorsUSA
30Next Wave HealthUSA
31TreeHouse Health LLCUSA
32Plug and Play Tech CenterUSA
33Catalyst Health VenturesUSA
34Fenox Venture CapitalUSA
35WeFund HealthUSA
36Northern Light Venture CapitalUSA
37Creative Health Capital, LLCUSA
38Founders FundUSA
39L CattertonUSA
40Tri-Star Health PartnersUSA
41Kapor CapitalUSA
42Boomtown AcceleratorUSA
43ABS Capital PartnersUSA
44Investors'​ CircleUSA
45Mohr Davidow VenturesUSA
46Maveron LLCUSA
47SJF VenturesUSA
48SV Life SciencesUSA
49IA VenturesUSA
50The Hive, LLCUSA
51Impact EngineUSA
52Robin Hood VenturesUSA
53Domain AssociatesUSA
54Spencer TraskUSA
55Aspire Ventures, LLCUSA
56Gryphon InvestorsUSA
57Martin VenturesUSA
58Forward VenturesUSA
59Trinity Hunt PartnersUSA
60Ballast Point VenturesUSA
61The Entrepreneur ChallengeUSA
62Sanderling VenturesUSA
63Palm VenturesUSA
64HLM Venture PartnersUSA
66Weld North LLCUSA
67Galen PartnersUSA
68Epidarex CapitalUSA
69Essex WoodlandsUSA
70Physic VenturesUSA
71Virginia Capital PartnersUSA
72Virgo CapitalUSA
73Maxim Partners, LLCUSA
74PS27 VenturesUSA
75The Column GroupUSA
76Finistere Ventures LLCUSA
77PBM Capital GroupUSA
78Heritage GroupUSA
79G-Startup WorldwideUSA
81Venture InvestorsUSA
82Silversmith Capital PartnersUSA
83Capital Z PartnersUSA
84Eureka Growth Capital Management, L.P.USA
85Iowa Startup Accelerator, powered by NewBoCoUSA
86Proton EnterprisesUSA
87Long River VenturesUSA
88Glengary LLCUSA
89BioStar VenturesUSA
90Bio/Med Investor NetworkUSA
91Psilos GroupUSA
92Triton Pacific Investment CorporationUSA
94Zaffre InvestmentsUSA
95Alpha Red VenturesUSA
96CLI VenturesUSA
97Greenoaks Capital PartnersUSA
98Broadview Ventures IncUSA
993 Rivers Capital, LLCUSA
100Digitalis VenturesUSA

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