Early detection and prevention of diseases | Preventative health care

4 Digital health technologies and their application in preventive healthcare

Since time immemorial, traditional medicine has been dependent on analysis and results of symptoms caused by an infection. But with exponential growth in technology, the science of medicine now incorporates early detection and prevention of diseases and the concept of preventative health care has come into the picture. The draft includes innovative and new technologies from four promising startups in the health IT sector focusing on aspects of health, well-being with simultaneous improvement in quality, proficiency, and effectiveness of early detection and prevention of diseases. Issues like errors in routine diagnostics about PCR, hand hygiene, clinical validations, posture, movement, and balance have been discussed, and viable solutions have been proposed.

U Gentec: Software solution for DNA replication

  • It deals with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), an essential technique used in molecular biology to amplify a single copy of a segment of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence.
  • Provides an intelligent software solution which deals exclusively with DNA amplification and detection.
  • It is technology and device independent.
    • Has the potential to outrun manual interpretation of PCR data.
  • Cost, time, reliability, and flexibility are some of the considerate parameters.

Fin biosoft: Encouraging preventative health care

  • Focused towards clinical diagnostics and validation procedures.
  • Helps diagnostic products reach the market and testing laboratories as fast as possible by a more systematic and sped up validation process.
  • “Validation Manager,” the software provided, streamlines the data for any medical research according to the regulatory requirements and provides efficient and thorough results.
  • Claims to reduce 95% of the time taken by data management and also provides full traceability.
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Quick Posture makes physiotherapy highly effective

  • Addresses challenges of an increasing demand for health services and the lack of time to deliver optimal services.
  • “Qinematic,” software by Quick Posture serves as a preconditioning technique to facilitate the health seekers’ intervention process with the doctor or the physiotherapist.
  • Subjects’ movements are recreated as a 3D dynamic model, which allows a professional to look at specific movement patterns related to their functional health with utmost precision.
  • Helps generate biomechanical reports along with the patient progress which is monitored through trends to calculate the overall efficiency of the intervention.

Hand in Scan: Tackles hand spread infections

  • The drastic increase in the number deaths due to hand spread infections.
  • Hand in Scan deals specifically with the problem of improper hand hygiene and indicates whether the germ content is above or below the safety threshold.
  • With its patented and “Red Dot” award-winning Hand Hygiene Scanner, the startup looks to expand over other diverse sectors like clean manufacturing, health care, and hospitality
  • Contributes towards statistical analysis of data which in turn helps control and manage the hygiene in a revolutionary way.


Sl No Startup Name Technology Medical Conditions Research Areas
1. U Gentec Software solution for DNA replication General DNA analysis Routine diagnostics
2. Fin biosoft Software solution for clinical validations Clinical Diagnostics Clinical validations
3. Quick Posture 3-D Modelling Chronic pain, Physiotherapy Movement, balance, and posture.
4. Hand In Scan Hand Scanner Healthcare associated infections Hand hygiene


Tom Martens, U Gentec
Jani Huttunen, Fin biosoft
Glenn Bilby, Quick Posture
KsabaHako, Hand in Scan

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Upload date: 3rd December 2016

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