The unstoppable movement towards natural childbirth

Natural childbirth

The unstoppable movement towards natural childbirth

Natural childbirth is the process of a woman, bearing, with minimum medical intervention. There has been an increase in the natural childbirth, where women in modern life as now, do choose that path. Natural childbirth has lots of benefits for both mother and child including increased bonding and sensitivity, positive effect on breastfeeding. But, it is important to know when a woman cannot conceive naturally, so as to ensure her and her child’s safety.

Since the time of the first humans that live on this earth, the childbirth process has been done naturally. Over the years, the process of giving the birth needs medical help, so that the pains of the mothers can be minimized. The safety of the mother and the baby also becomes a grave concern for the birth experts. In 1900, a statistical record wrote approximately 700 deaths from 100,000 childbirths in the US. So, there was about 7% mortality obtained from the cases of baby birth at that time.

Since the advent of the industrial revolution, the process of giving birth to women does have a little medical intervention, such as episiotomies, forceps and ventouse deliveries and caesarean sections.

Even now, there are the alternative methods of stimuli techniques such as hydrotherapy, massage, relaxation therapy, hypnosis, breathing exercises, acupressure for labour, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

The natural childbirth is introduced to the public in the US in 1930 by an obstetrician, Grantly Dick-Read. The process of natural birth was feared by women, but now it is becoming beautiful because it has several advantages for the mother and the baby.

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Of course, childbirth is an experience that changes your whole life. After birth, every woman feels more than happy, and these feelings cannot be produced by words. However, besides these sense of fulfilment and contentment, a natural birth is also a struggle for mothers. Very often they experience insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Some women say that these negative feelings disappear quickly, as when you hug your baby the, world blossoms for you, while others confirm that negative feelings don’t go away for a long time.

The growing trend of natural childbirth

According to the US statistics done in 2014, there is an increase in the natural childbirth, where women in modern life as now, do choose that path. At first, indeed they are terrified and anxious, but they remember it is their nature duty where they become bold and willing to fight to have the risk of their life for the sake of their child’s birth.

The benefits provided by the natural childbirth process have also made them challenged so that the mother and child can have an emotional relationship that is aligned and also the breastfeeding process can be smooth for the growth of the baby.

Sure, a natural process is always remembered by mothers as they are struggling to bet their life for the birth of their baby. Childbirth is challenging and is an emotional process filled with happiness, joy and nervous moments as well. However, babies are angels though their wings are not seen. We should never forget that they are the best presents given from above.

The process of natural childbirth can bring the power of the high sensitivity of the relationship between mother and baby. According to the doctors from the Child Study Center at the Yale University of the USA, the bonding between mothers and babies is important. They used brain scans to study the brain activity of 20 parents and found out that those who delivered babies vaginally were more responsive to their babies’ cry, but those who delivered by caesarean were less sensitive.

The relationship between mother and child can undoubtedly be formed correctly from the natural birth process. Also, the process of natural childbirth can bring the positive effect of the breastfeeding to become optimally, so that the intake of nutrients given to the baby through breast milk can run smoothly.

However, we must also remember that there are certain cases, where a mother should give birth, not in a natural way but using specific operations.

These are done for the safety of the mom and baby. The condition of each person is not the same. So, we also need a careful consideration when determining the baby is born naturally or not.

Now, the natural childbirth is becoming very attractive to a certain extent in the method of the aid. But we should be wise in our decisions as not all of the mothers can undergo the natural childbirth process. However, childbirth is a fantastic event and no matter it is physical or not, the most important thing is that all mothers and babies be safe and healthy.

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