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500 Seed program

500 Seed program is a four-month-long program offered by 500 Startups to help the startups grow by giving them networking opportunities, strategic advice, and hands-on support.

500 Seed program


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Mathew Johnson

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Bedy Yang
Managing Partner

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Christine Tsai
Managing Partner

About the Program

One of the main advantages of joining the program is having connections with great mentors, entrepreneurs, investors etc.


There are two programs of mentoring:
For the 500 Seed Program, the company invests $150k in exchange for 6% equity and charges a $37.5K fee.
For 500 Series A Program, the company provides a check size ranging from $150K-$250K, with $50K in program fees.

Services and Condition

The company offers a four-month 500 Seed program and 500 Series A Program.

Themes and Target Groups

Consumer commerce, education, design, bitcoin, payment and financial service, adtech, IoT/drones/hardware, onlive video, foodtech, digital healthcare, cloud service, international and emerging markets. Visit the website for more details.



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