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The number of startups has significantly increased in the last few years. Many entrepreneurial brains have started looking for possible solutions to real world problems. Entrepreneurs have ventured into every field ranging from science, technology, marketing, productivity, service, and health care. Many digital health startups have emerged as the key player in providing nature-based health products and services. Here are the top 10 startups that have digitized care and emerged as the game changer in today’s world.

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Startups provide quality health care
  1. CERA (
    CeraCare has built its reputation over the years and emerged as one of the global leaders in the manufacture and distribution of nature-based health products. They endorse highly valuable products and provide the best of customer services. It has left an impression around the globe including, North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. They have a niche in delivering products for every age group. They have products like the Infrared bed, Jade Steamer, Excercise bike. Elderly care has also been taken care of with products like massage chair and treadmill. Ceracare believes in the slogan ” the customer comes first. “
  2. Practo (
    Your one stop destination for online check-up’s and appointments. They help you get in touch with highly professional doctors with the click of a key, book appointments, upload test documents, get test results and even order medicines online. They operate in many countries, including India, Singapore, Philipines, Indonesia, and Brazil.
  3. Surgerica (
    It serves as a healthcare transparency tool for patients. It is a platform where a patient or his/her family can interact with doctors, choose a hospital, book a hospital, get the doctor’s opinion, compare prices and conduct diagnosis. Its area of operation is in India.
  4. HelloCare (
    Hello, care is an on-demand digital healthcare delivery platform. It can help you consult the experts in medical science throughout the country. It is as easy as booking a ride for your work. All it takes is to tap on a few options mentioned.
  5. Iodine (
    Iodine is a healthcare company set on a mission to improve medicine by helping people find what works best for them. They use customer feedback and recommendation to prepare the best pharmaceutical drug. They turn the experience into better medicine. Iodine addresses a massive market opportunity by addressing to millions of people suffering from depressions, health issues, and fears.
  6. HumanDX (
    The Human Diagnosis Project (also referred to as Human Dx, or the Project) is a worldwide effort to map any health problem to its possible diagnoses. The Project’s mission is to empower anyone with the world’s collective medical insight. Human Dx aims to understand the fundamental data structure of diagnosis by collecting and interpreting online contributions from members of the medical, scientific, and patient communities.
  7. PicnicHealth (
    They work with patients to collect, digitize, and manage their complete medical records, to empower them with control over their care through a personal health timeline. In addition to serving patients directly, they also partner with biotech, genomics, and pharma companies which sponsor PicnicHealth accounts for significant groups of patients.
  8. PlateJoy (
    PlateJoy is turning meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe creation into an incredibly simple, healthy, and personalized 60-second process. In the backend, the algorithms minimize food waste, which costs consumers $2,200 per household or $165B annually. PlateJoy saves time and money and helps consumers eat the way they’ve always wanted.
  9. HintHealth (
    The Hint platform simplifies many of the operational challenges and serves as the source of truth for patient billing, eligibility, and utilization data, representing a $5Billion+ net revenue market opportunity.
  10. Counsyl (
    Counsyl is a technology company that strives to give millions of men and women access to vital information about their bodies. Built by bright minds & warm hearts, their team consists of top-tier engineers, scientists, and clinical counselors who work together to provide people with meaningful health data.

These start-ups have emerged as a game changer in the digitizing care. They have successfully transformed the way of operating in the health care sector. They have built a reputation over the years for a great market.

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