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Digital India is flagship program of Government of India, founded to make sure general services made available to all citizens online. [1] In India, e-Governance schemes commenced in the mid-90s for broad sectoral applications with priority to the citizen-centric services. But these projects were plagued due to poor planning and ineffective implementation. Considering these flaws, the government were planning programs to make India digitally empowered with citizens in focus.

On 1st July 2015, Honorable PM Modi launched Digital India to make the people of country digitally empowered with emphasis on e-governance. Digital India program focuses on a complete progress in the areas of construction, internet services and employment opportunities.

Major projects under Digital India initiative

  1. DigiLocker (Digital Locker System): Digital Locker system helps citizens to reduce the use of physical documents and to share the papers using online services & assistance.
  2. It was implemented as a forum for citizen collaboration in governance, where they can share entries and ideas on issues of policy.
  3. Swachh Bharat Mission Mobile app (SBM): Swachh Bharat Mission app is accessed by the government agencies and citizens to fulfil the objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission in India.
  4. eSign framework: eSign framework allows you to sign papers online using the Aadhaar digital authentication.
  5. Online Registration System (ORS): This application provides essential services such as online registration, settlement of fees and appointment, online diagnostic reports, and other related inquiries.
  6. DeitY has started an initiative called Digitize India Platform which encourages efficient delivery of public services via digital platforms.
  7. The Government of India has started a venture namely Bharat Net, a high-speed digital highway to link all 2, 50,000-gram panchayats in the country. It will undoubtedly be a significant step forward in bolstering the digital infrastructure.
  8. BSNL also initiated a program Next Generation Network, to replace 30-year old exchange wired networks.
  9. For all scholarships provided by Government, a one-stop solution called National Scholarships Portal is established.
  10.  It is crucial to have a common link with citizens & the government to negotiate with each other. Hence the government has accepted broadband freeways are one of the leading pillars of Digital India program. [2]
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The purpose of Digital India program is to bridging rural areas with high-speed Internet and upgrading digital literacy. Another objective is to come out with fresh ideas and realistic solutions to accomplish Hon’ble PM  Modi’s vision of a digital India. The emphasis is on transforming the nation and creating opportunities for all citizens by governing digital technologies. This initiative was formed to enable every citizen with access to digital services, knowledge, and information. The program will come up with approaches and best exercises from around the world to make this vision of a digital India a reality.

The major focus is on using digital technologies which enable us to connect with each other and share information on problems and concerns faced by us. (Particularly in the rural areas)

Digital India Program is centred on three essential components, which are:

  1. Formation of digital infrastructure as Utility: Digital India initiative has the vision to supply high-speed Internet services to residents in all gram panchayats. Bank accounts will be given high priority at ground level.
  2. On-demand services Governance & Services: Government services will be made accessible online where citizens will be ensured to use them efficiently.
  3. Digital Literacy among Citizens: Digital India initiative aims to improve digital literacy among citizens and make all services readily available.

The government has the vision to provide Open internet connections, e-Governance, Common access to mobile policies etc. using Government reforms through Technology, eKranti – Online Delivery of Services, Information for All, Electronics production. [3]


  1. Ministries and States will fully influence and support ICT Infrastructure established by GoI. The DeitY would also evolve standards and policy directions, provide technical and give support, engage in capacity building, etc.
  2. Existent e-Governance plans would be fixed to match with regulations of Digital India.
  3. States will be given freedom to identify for integration of more state-specific projects, which are related to their socio-economic needs
  4. PPP models preferred to implement e-Governance projects with proper management and strategic control.


When the Digital India Program launched on 1st July 2015, top CEOs from India and abroad pledged to invest US$3.5 trillion in it. This investment will be used towards making smartphones and internet devices (Wi-Fi, routers, etc.) at a reasonable price which would help generate employment in India as well as reduce the cost of importing.

Global investors like Google’s Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Elon Musk have endorsed Modi’s Digital India program. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai acclaims that India will play a substantial role in driving technology to enhance citizen’s lives. Google also agreed to provide Internet connectivity on 500 railway stations in India.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella wishes to become India’s ally in the Digital India program. The company concurred to supply broadband connections to five hundred thousand villages in India and make India its cloud hub through data centres.

Contact details

The Government would execute digital India with entire coordination is managed by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, GOI.

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