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Avishkar is an accelerator launched by IIIT Hyderabad in partnership with 50K Ventures, T-Hub, and Co-creation Consulting.



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Vasudeva Varma
CEO, IIIT-H Foundation

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Natarajan Ranganathan
Managing Director & CFO, Helion

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Srikanth Sundararajan
Founder, Pretzel Logic Software Inc.

About the Program

Enables a supportive atmosphere for startups working in areas of deep tech.


Technological innovation. The committee selects up to 10 startups over a period of one year.

Services and Condition

Each startup is given a seed fund of $15K (INR 10 Lakhs), wherein IIIT-H Foundation and 50K Ventures will co-invest $7.4K (INR 5 Lakhs) each. The accelerator takes 2% percent equity.

Themes and Target Groups

Deeptech, machine learning, AR or VR. Visit the website for more details.



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