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diabetes prevention program

Prof. Dr. Talya Miron-shatz, Decision scientist, Wharton, USA

As highlighted, statistics show that out of the 40% of Americans who enroll in a Diabetes Prevention program, only 68 of them are active. The numbers reduce to 36 active members at the end of six months.

It is observed that most people are non-adherent and unaware when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the primary reasons for this is a lack of knowledge and motivation among not just teenagers, but also adults. Patients who aren’t proficient with devices and medical treatments mostly walk away from them due to no expertise.

There is an immediate need to make amendments to this particular issue, and it must be tackled. Patients need to be made aware of the benefits of the enrollment program and why and how it will help them, not just immediately but also in the long run.

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Startups enroll teenagers in diabetes prevention program

A start-up by the name Trends aims to help teenagers who have Type-1 Diabetes. It predicts the trends in the health of patients by their current activities, diet routines, and health cycles. This will not only make them aware of the current risks they are facing but also how continuing unhealthy activities will hamper the activities they undergo in the future. This gives a psychological impact on them for behavioral change.

There is also a requirement for applications which cover three major aspects:

  • Explains the product’s proper functioning.
  • Enables a variety of customers to get access to the product.
  • Reinforces the working of the product along with the therapist associated with the patient.

At the end of all start-up presentations, “Instent” was declared as the winner of the Innovations award.

Presenters: Prof. Dr. Talya Miron-shatz, Prof. Andreas Kribben

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