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Health care industry has witnessed rapid advancements with the emergence of numerous digital health startups, wearable devices and apps to monitor health data. Digital programs have replaced traditional health plans to solve problems like early detection of diabetes. Startups like Apoly have made it easier for the people to get their prescriptions delivered at home. Stetclean is a novel approach towards making use of UV-C light for reducing the infections caused by contaminated stethoscopes.

Apoly provides curated shopping and prescription delivery services to German residents

There is a huge imbalance among the pharmacies selling over the counter drugs and online pharmacies because they do not have easy access to online health care surfers. In Munich,1.4 Million citizens are served by 360 pharmacies selling nonprescription drugs. But, only three pharmacies help people online through the online sales channel.

Apoly created a bridge between offline pharmacy stores and individuals willing to order medicines online. People can order their medications online and get it delivered from local stores in a few hours. Apoly’s online platform also collect data from the users and process it to provide highly customized recommendations to the customers. They are also planning to provide symptoms-based diagnosis and medicines.

Germany has 68 Million transactions occurring every month for non-prescription drugs. Out of these transactions, 31.5 Million transactions are done digitally with the users in the age group of 15-69 years. Luca Christel, Managing director of Apoly, is aiming for a revenue of approximately 0.9 Million Euros in the next couple of months.

Stetclean: An eco-friendly and cost-effective device for stethoscope disinfectant

There is a rising concern among health care professionals that stethoscopes may transmit infectious agents which could result in health care associated infection. The number of bacteria collected on the physician’s dominant hand and the diaphragm of the stethoscope increased exponentially after every physical checkup. Studies have shown that 5% of the associated health care infections might occur from the contaminated stethoscopes.

It ‘s hard for the nurses and physician to disinfect the stethoscope after every checkup because they have to run from one patient to another now and then and cleaning requires extra steps.

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Stetclean is a wearable stethoscope disinfectant which uses UV-C light to kill bacteria. It can easily fit in a pocket and weigh less than 100 grams. The light on the top of the device shows the current status of the cleaning process and if the stethoscope can be used safely or not.

This device ultraviolet germicidal irradiation properties and does not use any other chemicals which make it eco-friendly. This novel approach towards cleaning stethoscopes has won many awards and accolades including 1st place in M31 Italy 2014 and APSTI 2014.

Dibetizer helps diabetic patients better manage health

As of 2015, there are 415 Million diabetic patients worldwide, and the number is expected to rise to 642 Million by 2040. Diabetizer has developed an innovative and intuitive solution for people suffering from diabetes and stakeholders involved in the care of these patients.

They have focused on the analysis of data in the context of diabetes by developing a variety of information systems and measuring devices all of which are integrated to collect and process data. The development efforts are aimed at making the platform device independent and provide reliable security solution by encrypting the data collected.

The application receives data such as sugar level, carbohydrates taken, blood pressure, and relevant weather information. After processing the data, a risk index is given to the user which indicates the likelihood of him or her having diabetes. The application also makes smart recommendations according to the weather, calories intake and amount of physical work done.

Health care innovation is a solution to many problems like rising health care costs and detection of chronic diseases. It is a 3 Trillion USD* market approaching 20% of the GDP in the US alone. Entrepreneurs around the globe are burning the midnight oil to fund this next wave of transformative digital health companies that provide quality health care.


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Luca Christel, Managing Director, Apoly – Simplify
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