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Healthcare sector has witnessed rapid advancements with the emergence of wearable devices and apps to monitor health data. Digital programs have replaced traditional health plans to solve problems like detection of cardiovascular diseases. eHealth startups like TheraBytes are motivating more and number of people to stay healthy and indulge in physical activities.

Therabytes motivates people to get out of their bed

Therabytes is a Munich based, software and games development studio founded in 2015.They have developed more than 80 commercial games in the last decade. Gamification is the application of game mechanics and design elements within non-game sectors to understand and motivate users, for skill development, user engagement through competition, collaboration and social interaction.

Walk the Stars is aimed at a games-oriented audience, which is mainly male and aged 20-49 years. The game is played on a smartwatch or smartphone where people get to experience different universes in distant space, and everything is fueled by the users’ steps and workouts.

It is a role-playing game set in a sci-fi universe in which the world is run by big corporations looking for a rare resource for energy production. The user is employed by the companies to control a droid on another planet by taking steps and walking on the earth. It can track any sportive activity that the users undertake. So, this game encourages people to get out of their bed.

One of the major challenge plaguing the health games industry is that it is tough to make users stick to the game for a long time. The developers have exploited the techniques of interactive story-telling and ad-hoc events to keep the users engaged for a long time. This game has also been a source of health data and data related to physical activity of the young male users of the game. This data can be used by health insurance companies to provide rewards and appreciation in the form of offers and cashback to highly active users.

This game has also been a source of health data and data related to physical activity of the young male users of the game. This data can be used by health insurance companies to provide rewards and appreciation in the form of offers and cashback to highly active users.

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CardioSecur provides an ECG on our smartphones

200 Million people worldwide show the symptoms of heart diseases. New studies have demonstrated that economic cost of cardiovascular disease in Europe is set to increase to $162 Billion* annually by 2020. The symptoms range from as fatal as a stroke to as minor symptom as dizziness, and they vary dramatically in frequency and intensity which might not be indicative of the associated risk. People are unaware of what these symptoms might mean, and it can prove to be highly risky for them.

CardioSecur is a mobile ECG device of clinical grade quality for smartphones and tablets. It is the only technology that has been developed to clarify heart symptoms where and when they occur, to make a cardiac diagnosis and to prevent serious cardiac events.

CardioSecur boasts of being highly efficient as compared to conventional systems which use ten electrodes to realize a 12 lead ECG, whereas the innovative system of CardioSecur needs only four electrodes to realize up to 22-leads view on the heart.

The device is highly user-friendly and interactive. The users can mix up left and right electrodes and corrects it automatically. It takes a reference ECG reading when users connect wires for the first time and then compares future ECG readings with it to give instantaneous feedback.

At the same time, the ECG is sent via email to the medical specialist for further use. ECG’s are stored individually in a secure database accessible for both the patient and the doctor. The data can also be used by big data analysis and machine learning researchers to predict patterns in heart-related diseases.

Around 70% of the people aged 65+ search the web for health-related issues. Only 10% of the users of CardioSecur are connected to a physician. Thus, users want to be independent and anonymous. CardioSecur is helping these free users to find out their vascular risk and act accordingly.

The company is also in talks with health insurance companies, and they compensate the users 100% amount of the CardioSecur for 24 months. Integrated care contract provides benefit to each stakeholder.

Healthcare innovation is a solution to many problems like rising health care costs and detection of chronic diseases. It is a 3 Trillion USD* market approaching 20% of the GDP in the US alone.Startups like TheraBytes and CardioSecur will bring in a new wave of transformative digital health companies that provide quality health care at low costs.


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Thorsten Feldmann, TheraBytes, Munich, Germany
Felix Brand, CardioSecur

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