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Multinational grants for Indian startups

Healthcare, one of the largest sectors in India, has battled for its fundamental problems like uneducated medical staff and unavailability of doctors in most of the rural areas. Doctor-patient ration in India is 1:1,700 in India, according to World Bank report of 2012.  With the start revolution taking off, big companies are providing multinational grants for Indian startups as they do not want to miss on their share of the pie.

Mobile & Internet technologies are used as a mean to solve India’s deficit problem of doctors via technology & telemedicine. Start-up revolution has been rising in all sectors of India and healthcare has mainly gained from it. [1] Never before India’s health care witnesses such a move in the business model. Consumers are getting the appointment through apps in addition to the online medical shoppers.


Digital healthcare startups are attracting huge deals globally (The US $5.8 Billion according to CBinsights database). However, healthcare start-ups have fared poorly in terms of funding received. Lack of investment is holding back many ideas, concepts, and programs from taking off. Budding entrepreneurs need to recognize on customer-centric solutions. Their focus has to be largely on innovation, different product offerings, and sustainable business models.

In 2016, healthcare sector raised significant deals from Private Equity and Venture Capitals. Until September 2016 itself, 88 funding deals of worth US$ 397.41 Million were made. Healthcare start-ups alone grasped more than 70 venture & equity funds in 2016-17. [3]

In India, some of the best healthcare in the world is provided by the private sector. A report by Institute of Health Informatics (IMS) has revealed that 72% of the rural Indian population has access to just one-third of the country’s available hospital beds while 28% of urban Indians have access to 66% of the total beds. Moreover, there is a significant requirement for public & private investment in Indian healthcare sector. It is mainly due to the low dispersion levels of healthcare services.
Healthcare is one of the major sectors where stakeholders are looking to invest. According to reports, more than 70% of social firms focused on the healthcare delivery. [4]

Furthermore, with governments focus on initiatives like Startup India, Stand-up India and Digital India the industry has bright future for investors and startups. With such a big market private companies are looking to invest more and more in startups or businesses and have started providing grants for startups. As per reports from Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), the hospital & medical centres received a foreign direct investment of $2, 793 million.


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Criteria- Multinational grants for Indian startups

Start-up funding & grants are available based on a theme of your business and its location. [5]

There are gifts for business owners, women, etc. Typically, you will be a company with a scalable idea that has achieved a product market fit.

Initial discussion is started between entrepreneur and lead investor. The analysis is usually based on the detailed business report and business model etc. However, the final decision on valuation is mediated between the Entrepreneur and the Lead Investor.

In case, the lead investor not yet identified; the valuation can be set by the entrepreneur. In such situations, investors can negotiate directly with the entrepreneur if they wish to, once they participate in the round.

25 companies providing grants for Indian startups and their contacts

Name Website Contact
+91 22 61248900
+91 (22) 6740-1500
Bamboo Finance
MarketFinance India
+91 96638 88033
+91 80 4335 6666
+91 11 4385 1999
+91 44 6646 9872
+91 80 4112 0008
+91 802558 0045
+91 44 66630400
Quadria Capital
+32 (0)2551 0611
Altimeter Capital
(650) 257-8355
Sequoia Capital
+91 11 4956 7200
Matrix Partners
+91 22 6768 0000
Tiger Global
+44 (0)208 920 2100
Nexus Venture Partners
+91 (22) 662 60000
Eight Roads Ventures
+91 22 6655 4200
Kae Capital
+91 22 6194 4141
Intel Capital
+44 207 292 8782
Omidyar Network
+91 (0)22 6118 7300
MAPE Advisory Group
+91 22 6154 4500
Aarin Capital
+91 80 3078 9100
Orios Venture Partners
+91 22 6457 6457
+91 22 6627 3050
Exfinity Venture Partners
+91 80 3078 9100
Temasek Holdings
+91 22 6654 5500

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