20 Angel investors in Germany to finance your technology, eHealth startup

20 Angel investors in Germany

20 Angel investors in Germany

Meet some of the more well-known angel investors in Germany. Most of them support technology and healthcare ventures.

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This is not a ranking, our only aim is to foster connections between VCs and digital health community.

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Christopher Muenchhoff

Christopher Muenchhoff specializes in internet and software start-ups as well as managing development teams. Christopher has been an Angel Investor for over fourteen years, and he always helps start-ups build up from scratch as well as maximising their optimization through organizational, legal and tax strategies, However, even with these impressive skills his main specialty remains to be software development. As a private investor Christopher has more than fifty investments in over thirty companies; the investment focuses on online business models and internet companies.

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Feliz Jahn

Feliz Jahn is the founding investor of McMakler, founder of Home24, founding managing director of Rocket Internet as well as the seed investor in Auto1 Group, Zalando, and HomeToGo. Feliz has also obtained his master’s degree at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

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Elmar B. Goetz

Elmar B. Goetz is a senior executive with over twenty years of domestic and international experience in businesses ranging from grocery retail to beauty care, optical and hearing care retail, medical devices and elderly care. Elmar has extensive knowledge of consumer trends, multi-channel operations and the best retail practices in emerging and mature markets. Elmaris is known as a fast-paced leader who is known for transforming businesses with his cross-cultural strengths as well as having a fantastic entrepreneurial mind; Elmar’s experience with private equity and institutional investors is also a huge benefit.

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Pablo Kunert

Pablo Kunert has a total of nine years of entrepreneurship experience as well as eight years of growth hacking experience in tech start-ups. Pablo is currently the MD of Code, which he joined in January 2015; one of Europe’s fastest growing software engineering agencies. As well as being an MD he is also an advisor and consultant to many start-ups in South East Asia and Europe. Pablo is intrigued and keen to help start-ups with a focus in areas such as education, health, and social entrepreneurship. He is also passionate about forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are looking to disrupt old industries. Pablo is willing to offer start-ups introductions to industry experts and other relevant people as well as give you space to help jump-start a start-up.

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NikolausThomale has the soul of an entrepreneur and is quite modest about his skills and talents; four of the companies founded by Nikolaushave later been acquired, and from there he went on to invest in other early-stage start-ups. Nikolaus is passionate about fast-growing tech companies and specializes himself in SaaS and platform businesses. Nikolaus may be known for Jura Online which is a leading learning platform for law students and legal professionals in Germany; which he co-founded in 2013 and finally joined as a Managing Director in 2016.

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Dr. Arndt Schwaiger

Dr. Arndt Schwaiger studied Business Administration and Computer Science at the University of Saarland and was promoted to the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrucken. Since 1992, Dr.Schwaiger has been a founder and co-founder of many different start-ups in different sectors. He has gathered his deep-rooted experience in entrepreneurship, business developments. Software development, marketing/sales, consulting, coaching, project management and research.

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Alexander Von Wendel

Alexander Von Wendel is currently an Angel Investor and Managing Partner at V. Wendel Family & Friends GmbH & Co. KG; this is where he provides Smart Money in seed, pre-seed, and Series A financing rounds. As Alexander is a typical Angel investor, he prefers to partner with other small Angels in small, efficient and very committed teams.


Ingo Franz

Ingo Franz works especially hard doing financial affairs and board advisories for companies wanting to grow internationally; especially with German-speaking audiences. Ingo also works periodically with new businesses and expanding businesses in markets powered by internet services. Ingo is somewhat intrigued in new companies with Goethe Unibator. Ingo has a wealth of experience as long-time venture capital and private equity investor and management advisor; working with entrepreneurs and businesses on their essential commercial and strategic dilemmas.

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Willem Bulthuis

Willem Bulthuis has thirty years of experience in global high-tech industries as an Executive at Philips Electronics. Willem’s primary goal is driving innovation, digitization, growth, internationalization and change management in high-tech industries. Willem’s motto: “Appreciate history, manage the future.”

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Felix Haas

Felix Haas has been named “World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2010”, as well as “NYC Venture Fellow” by New York City Mayor Bloomberg and Felix also is an advisor to the German Vice Chancellor for the “Young Digital Industry.” He has also founded TiberiumSun Networks, a website network for computer games and entertainment news with over 285 million page monthly impressions. Felix is currently the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of now; the first online solution for convenient and secure online identification of government ID’s in Europe.

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Sebastian Weiss

Sebastian Weiss has worked with many internationally known companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Google. Currently, Sebastian is the Head of Start-up and High-tech Account Management in Berlin. Sebastian is described as a motivational leader with a “rare work ethic” and a “disarming fearlessness.”


Stephan Schwebe

Stephan Schwebe is an experienced enterprise sale executive whose track record speaks for itself. Before Zeotap, he spent nine years working at IBM later to re-join them in 2016 as an Executive Partner. Stephan holds an MBA from the University of Warwick and a degree in Economics and IT from DHBW Mannheim.

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Stefan Tittel has seen start-up companies through their full lifecycle; Stafan has done this with solid leadership skills and a particular focus on hands-on execution. Stafan has also raised around 90 million USD in funding for his ventures. One of his specialities includes getting a feeling for sales and being capable of generating and driving complex deal situations. A very persistent and dedicated person.

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Johannes Haus

Johannes Haus is currently a Managing Director at Haspa Next GmbH where he utilizes his specialities in new media, product management, as well as he likes to put it: “Getting things done.”

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Heissam Hartmann

Heissam Hartmann draws on his skills from the pool of his fifteen total years of experience; which was gathered in a varied, entrepreneurial career driving growth in start-ups and building brand new entities from scratch. Heissam demonstrates to start-ups how to get funding, find new markets and also cultivate regional connections. He now owns and runs a consulting business, Hissam Consulting, for over twelve years now.

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Saeed Gouda

Saeed Gouda specializes in e-commerce, m-commerce, and SaaS; he’s a serial entrepreneur. Two of the companies that he founded were bought in Asia by Rocket Internet and Carousel. Saeed currently invests in early-stage companies and leading growth initiatives. Saeed likes to take tech international corporations with a focus on EMEA and APAC regions.

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Johannes Nuenning

Johannes Nuenning has been with T-Mobile Germany for over sixteen years now; starting as an associate and working his way up to Vice President of UQBATE. UQBATE is a three-month fast-track to help corporate entrepreneurs dedicate all of their working hours to turn their idea into a fundable project.


Klaus Haasis

Klaus Haasis has more than thirty years of experience as an executive, managing director and founding CEO in small and medium-sized companies. Klaus gets involved with financing innovative projects and is an active partner, start-up mentor, innovation coach and business angel. ( Located in Austria )

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Hui Zhu

Hui Zhu gained her Master’s in Business Administration and Management. Hui currently is an Interim Managing Director and utilizes a rich network in Europe and China. Hui believes she is “the rainmaker who can make your brand from unknown to star in China.”

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Maria Pennanen

Maria Pennanen is an international FinTech Influencer with a considerable amount of business-to-business sales and marketing. Maria specializes in Europe and Asia with a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Abo Akademi, as well as an MBA in international management and Purdue and ESCP and an Executive Masters from INSEAD. She has successfully helped start-ups to prepare for investment rounds and negotiated deals. In addition, another activity Maria does is act as a juror, mentor, and panellist in start-up projects.

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Alexander Bruehl

Alexander Bruehlis considered being a mentor, coach as well as being a very active and participating angel-investor. Alexander’s specialities include starting up a SaaS company as well as defining sales and distribution models and developing pricing models. Alexander is very skilled at getting funding from credible people and institutional investors. Alexander’s primary focus is on software companies with a state of the art business model such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile apps. Alexander works with many entrepreneurs and start-up companies from Europe, Israel, and the United States. Alexander Bruehl is the founder of saasgarage.com, which he started back in April 2008.

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