VRHealth develops a novel Virtual Reality product for hot flashes

Virtual Reality product for hot flashes

Virtual Reality product for hot flashes

AI-based VR headset for treating hot flashes will be launched at CES in January 2019 by VRHealth.

Luna, an AI-based virtual reality product, has been unveiled by VRHealth in order to help patients with hot flashes using CBT. The VR tech company says that the new product can be used by patients going through chemotherapy treatment or menopause to manage hot flashes by means of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The new VR technology provides a complete data analysis of the patient’s treatment after the virtual reality experience. As soon as the patient puts on the VR headset, they will be greeted by the AI trainer Luna who will guide the user through all the coping mechanisms, which also includes travelling virtually to another environment.

VRHealth CEO Eran Orr revealed that the AI trainer takes the user to different places like lakes, waterfalls, etc. The company will be first offering this technology to patients in a hospital setting, and at later stages, they will be able to take the VR headset back home.

Luna, the virtual-reality based AI therapist, is extremely advanced and loaded with psychological protocols to provide psychological and physical relief to patients experience hot flashes.

The headset is very easy to use and does not require any medication to work with. Luna was the brainchild of one of the VRHealth team members who had been toying with the idea for the new technology after themselves undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hot flashes.

According to reports, about 75% of all women aged 51 years or more suffer from menopause symptoms like night sweats, anxiety, depression, migraines, hot flashes, insomnia, etc. Luna could offer the much-needed relief to such people in a non-pharmaceutical way, and in a non-hospital environment, in the comfort of their home.

VRHealth is a very unique company that combines healthcare with technology to provide solutions that help medical professionals manage their patients even better. The company specializes in VR tech solutions, and their products work by collecting and analyzing user data via AI and deep algorithms in real-time. This not only helps enhance the patients’ healthcare experiences but also makes the whole scenario easier for clinicians.

The new AI-based VR product will be launched officially by VRHealth at the 2019 CES that is held every year in January.

Hot flashes and VR as a solution

Hot flashes are usually triggered by hormonal drops and are mostly found as the symptoms of menopause, breast cancer chemotherapy, and ovary-removal surgeries. According to CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America), women are more likely to experience hot flashes than men.

Antidepressants and hormone therapy are some of the common treatment options for hot flashes. Alternatively, CBT, acupuncture, and meditation are also advised to help with the symptoms.

A VR-based health product that could help reduce or treat hot flashes without the side effects of unnatural hormones, opiates, or other strong medications would definitely change the health industry forever.

The biggest advantage of such a technology is that it wouldn’t be super-expensive and would be easily portable and extremely user-friendly, allowing the patient to use it at home without needing to visit the hospital.

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