27 Digital health innovators – CEOs in the Netherlands | Key contacts

27 digital health innovators - CEOs in the Netherlands

27 Digital health innovators – CEOs in the Netherlands

We have compiled a list of 27 digital health innovators in the Netherlands who are making a mark in the digital health sector.

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Sno. CEO / Contact PersonCountry
1Joris MoolenaarNetherlands
2Pieter-Joep Huige
3Hester (Anderiesen) Le Riche
4Olchert VelsNetherlands
5Geert Klein Breteler
6Michiel AllessieNetherlands
7Anne BruinvelsNetherlands
8Boy LokhoffNetherlands
9Nils CorverNetherlands
10Bart Wuurman
11Gert-Jan BrokNetherlands
12Tom Nij Bijvank
13Diego MenchacaNetherlands
14Mark-Jan HarteNetherlands
15Jean-Luc Kraaijenoord
16Derk ArtsNetherlands
17Evert Jan HoijtinkNetherlands
18René HeuvenNetherlands
19Zakaria AlamiNetherlands
20Guusje van der HeijdenNetherlands
21Kirby Binayao Netherlands
22Bouke BroerenNetherlands
23Harmen aan het RotNetherlands
24Frank VerhoefNetherlands
25Nadja Muller-den BlijkerNetherlands
26Godfried BogaertsNetherlands
27New Entry
Oscar van Dijk

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1 Comment
  1. Oscar van Dijk 2 years ago

    Our self management platform for chronically ill patients (Emma) is used and tested by many GP’s and hospitals in The Netherlands, including trials at AMC (medication adherence) and Bravis hospitals (exacerbation reduction for COPD Gold 3/4 patients, validation study by Leiden UMC).

    Oscar van Dijk
    Founder & CEO Medicine Men BV

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