9 Successful women healthcare entrepreneurs in Germany

9 Successful women digital health entrepreneurs in Germany

German women leading in the healthcare sector

Germany is among the world’s leading digital healthcare markets with a budget of over 3 billion Euros. The health sector has grown because of the rising incidences of chronic illnesses and an ageing population in the country in need of high-quality services.

In Germany, digital technology is perceived as the cornerstone of a medical breakthrough because of technological devices and software programs used in treatment plans and medication. Digital health entrepreneurs are known to bridge the gap between groups through the use of innovative technology that provides access to physicians and their patients through the use of video and audio technology.

Women are leading in the digital healthcare sector in Germany through entrepreneurial forums such as the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs that promotes female-oriented businesses not only in Germany but across the world.

Moreover, the representation of women at the G20 Summit through W20 has paved way for them to invest their resources in digital health technology. Due to the health complications women face in Germany, a section of female entrepreneurs has heavily invested in digital technology to improve the provision of medical care.

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9 Successful women healthcare entrepreneurs in Germany

1. Ida Tin

Image Courtesy of linkedin.com

She is the CEO and co-founder of Clue, a digital healthcare company based in Berlin, Germany. The company offers women a period tracking and fertility app that calculates the fertility cycle of women as well as their Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). The company relies on mobile technology as it is supported in iOS and Android devices. It primarily focuses on German patients since it’s based in the country’s capital. In 2015, she received an award for the Female Web Entrepreneur of the Year in Helsinki.

2. Marianna Jolowicz

Image Courtesy of linkedin.com

Marianna Jolowicz is the Head of Brand at MEDIGO GMBH in Germany. She is a highly qualified professional in the field of dermatology, skin therapy and cosmetology. The company is based in Berlin. She was awarded her Master’s degree in Epidemiology from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. It deals with skin related technology to improve patients’ skincare.

3. Claire Novorol

Image Courtesy of linkedin.com

She is the CEO and co-founder of ADA, a digital health company based in London, Berlin, and Munich. The company deals with the provision of high-quality medical products which are custom designed to suit the needs of patients. She is also the founder of Doctorpreneurs; a global platform for medical students, physicians and doctors to interact and share ideas. She was awarded a PhD degree in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge.

4. Leva Soblickkaite

Image Courtesy of linkedin.com

She is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at MEDIGO GmbH. She is the leading professionals in the product development strategy at the company. The company provides an easy to use platform for patients looking for alternative medical opinions and consultations. The company has developed a diverse medical network throughout the world, partnering with doctors, nurses, clinics, and hospitals. The company has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, but offer its services worldwide.

5. Hajnalka Hejja

Image Courtesy of linkedin.com

She is the CEO and founder of  Super Izzy AI. The company is a digital virtual assistant that provides medical and reproductive health advice, recommendation and expertise to female patients. The company mostly serves US market and also has a good presence in Germany. The company’s headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany.


6. Ulrike Anders

Image Courtesy of linkedin.com

She is the founder of the Health 2.0 Berlin and which provides human-centered solutions to some of the medical problems affecting Germans. Her company offers digital services across various platforms and devices. Moreover, the company offers product development initiatives focusing primarily on healthcare. She has a Master’s degree in Design and her company is located in Berlin, Germany.

7. Yvonne Gruendler

Image Courtesy of linkedin.com

She is the Chief Product Officer at Ottonovan AG; a German private insurance company that provides medical coverage for millions of Germans and expatriates living in the country. Yvonne is responsible for designing insurance premiums that cover life-threatening illnesses and diseases. In her professional career, she has managed several hospitals and medical centers by developing medical technology and services suited to serve the needs of the patients. The company is based in Munich, Germany.

8. Ozlem Tureci

Image Courtesy of medtech-pharma.de

She co-founded Ganymed Pharmaceuticals in 2001. It is a biopharmaceutical firm that developed medical drugs used to kill tumours without damaging the patient’s tissue cells. The company relies on cancer technology to create therapeutic drugs known as Ideal Monoclonal Antibodies (IMABs). The company is headquartered in Mainz, Germany and it provides its services and products mainly to Germans.

9. Mariola Soehngen

Image Courtesy of biotechandmoney.com

She is the co-founder of PAINO, a pharmaceutical company that develops products and goods for sedation and anaesthesia. The company aims to improve the quality of services offered to patients during intense surgical procedures. She has extensive knowledge in oncology which makes her a professionally experienced medical expert in anaesthesia. The company is based in Aachen, Germany and it serves mostly the German people.


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