Healthbox 2018 calls for applications by June 24 for early-stage digital health startups

healthbox 2018

Healthbox 2018 calls for applications by June 24 for early-stage digital health startups

Healthbox 2018 invites applications by June 24 aiming to pioneer a digital health startup. The budding entrepreneurs from healthcare sector can contribute their ideas to any project at a global level.

In order to elevate the entrepreneurial creativity in the healthcare sector, Healthbox 2018 has invited budding entrepreneurs for collaboration. With the aim to increase healthcare innovations, multiple ventures have been invited by June 24. With contributions from every member of the collaboration, an ideal startup beneficial for the health sector can be framed.

Members can also experience peer collaborations, speaker sessions and learn ways to build efficient relations. Every budding entrepreneur who’s eager to work in the healthcare sector and wishes to contribute his ideas to a project at a global level is welcome.

There is no charge for this collaboration; applicants can volunteer to work for the healthcare startup without any entry fee. Pioneered in 2010, Healthbox emphasized at accelerating healthcare at first. However, it emerged as an innovation seeking firm in 2014. The organization works with healthcare firms and ventures to transform their information and creative ideas into something worthwhile, like a startup or usable venture.

Healthbox isn’t linked with the accelerator programs now but has recently realized the need to merge with entrepreneurs for making the digital startup a successful one.

Young minds are believed to be more aware of the requirements in the current generation for they have been suffering from it themselves.

Healthbox President, Neil Patel stated that his team is always appreciative of entrepreneurial ideas and looks forward to improvising the health care based on knowledge, innovations, and procedures suggested by young entrepreneurs. Aiming to drive the health industry forward, the CEO is all set to merge healthcare experts with the entrepreneurs and their magnificent ideas.

Overall, the idea is to link the ideas provided by young minds related to healthcare with the actual masters of the field. Further discussions would be based on how such innovations can help the common man and his medical services. Owing to the innovations and positive ideas, the health sector can flourish astonishingly if a digital startup eradicates the issue pertaining to the present scenario.

Studio sessions will comprise of mainly the experts from various sectors, mentor meetings, and an event to promote industry events to potential buyers, investing parties, and the elite healthcare industries from Chicago.

Out of all the applications received, about ten prodigious ones will be selected for sessions in Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago. In order to be considered, companies are required to apply online by June 24th. This will prove to be one of the biggest sessions for pioneering a digital healthcare startup contributed by budding entrepreneurs.

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