5 Questions you should ask before choosing a digital health conference

digital health conference

5 Questions you should ask before choosing a digital health conference

Numerous digital health conferences are happening around the world. But, it is very important to be careful while choosing a conference so that it is productive for you and your company. Asking questions about the organizer, target group, and past success rate might land you in a more suitable digital health conference.

The digital revolution is sweeping although almost every field. Computer science is being incorporated into research in digital health to deliver the best possible services. Digital health seeks to enable people to access in a more efficient way the best quality of healthcare and through digital solutions such as medical e-Records, virtual visits, and patient portals. These also allow patients and other medical personnel to access the patient health records in real-time, bettering the quality of services they receive after that.

For successful operations and final output, the players in the digital health field attend various digital health conferences to fetch new idea and even keep up-to-date the information they have on the activities that take place in the different events. But again, close and thorough scrutiny should be done on each digital health conference planned before purposing to attend.

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These are some of the questions to ask before choosing a digital health conference

1. Is the target group relevant to you (who is visiting)?

  • The target group should be the first question to ask. The audience of the conference spells out in a clearer way the objectives of the conference than the objectives themselves.
  • “Who is coming” should be a major question also because it will be pointless to attend a conference from which you will earn little or no benefits. You go to meetings to symbiotically learn, both from your colleague attendees and from the conference facilitators.
  • If you are an investor or intend to invest in the digital health startups, a conference with owners of the various digital business start-ups invited will be much ideal since you will have a variety of startups to evaluate and determine which to fund and which not to.
  • If you own or run a digital health startup, a conference held to accommodate other startups in the field or and prospective investors in digital health would be worth your time. Your attendance will put you and your startup in a better position of being spotted, and you may then receive funding to facilitate the realization of your success dreams.
  • If the majority of the attendees are from your field, you are more inclined to benefit in all aspects including enquiring from those with success stories on what worked and what did not.

2. Who is the organizer?

  • The planners of the intended conference should be another factor. Organizers and planners are the minds behind the events. They decide on the venue, the theme, and even the target group. They provide the initial or sometimes the full funding of the events as well.
  • Before you choose on attending a conference, it is wise to get an answer to the “Who is the organizer question.” You get yourself ample time source some background information of the organizer team or company and their affiliation to the conference.
  • You ought to inquire and know how they hope to benefit from the success of the event and how they are packaging your benefits from the event as well.
  • You should take this factor seriously as many organizers are unscrupulous and plan various events with hidden agendas. You might fall prey to the organizer who intends to benefit indirectly from your attendance without caring about satisfying what you cared to learn.

3. What has been the past success rate?

  • Like any other activity we do, before engaging, we like enquiring about any evidence of recent success. It should be regarded as dangerous to the test the depth of the river by both legs.
  • Before dedicating your quality out of your regular chores time to attend a conference, it is better to determine its performance in the past. It should be regarding the number of attendees it commanded, the scale of impact it gave to the businesses of the various participants and so on. Conferences are not often perfect, but it is prudent to seek information about how they have recently delivered.
  • You can search for information about the past conference events from your search engine and read the posts on the blog from the past attendees.
  • Also, conferences are social events, and you may need to feel better, look like a peep into a better future, some of the organizers may not provide avenues and the facilities to do so. This means that you will have to dig deep into your pockets to sustain yourself especially if you are sponsoring yourself.
  • So, it should be mandatory to sufficiently answer the question regarding the past event success regarding ideological gaining before investing this much. You need an equivalent value for your money or even better.

4. Are there any influencers attending?

  • Most people have role models; these are the people we like hearing and learning. Then with this is the case, you and your digital business should have an influence which keeps you going, from whom you learn new skills and tricks.
  • You should find out to ensure that speakers with a tendency of delivering excellent presentations are in attendance.
  • Consider the availability of exceptional individuals and companies. Are the companies with a significant influence and say in the market? Then this will be a great opportunity to meet them.
  • You look for agendas that will influence and trigger a new dawn in your operation in your businesses. Choose a conference that will get you learning from the moguls of your field.

5. Are there any exclusive networking events?

  • Consider this factor further because it is somewhat core. Let each conference you attend offer both short-term and long-term development opportunities to your business venture.
  • Make sure you know the various sponsors that have confirmed presence at the event and ensure that you align your business in such a way that you either directly or indirectly benefit from them.
  • The expected attendees of the conference are most likely to your like-minded, this gives you a fabulous chance to network with them to make one awesome community.
  • Find out how the social events like the tea breaks, lunch, supper are organized. Do they give you an environment enabling enough to get you socializing or are they so strict on time and schedule?


Your goals are very crucial while choosing a digital health conference and making an informed choice before attending a conference is important to have an enriching experience. The goals are unique and distinct for everyone; you might attend to meet like-minded people or to learn and get some information about some topics. Others may opt to share what they have with their friends and other attendees.

You might also love to attend so that you enjoy the diversity of the entrepreneurial and creative minds within. Then, a conference with a diverse mixture of personalities is quite ideal and will serve you just swiftly. But then, whatever your priorities and considerations are, you should ensure that they are fulfilled through the conference.

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