Europe’s leading HealthIT event conhIT receives new name, DMEA

HealthIT event conhIT

HealthIT event conhIT receives a new name, DMEA

The conhIT receiving a new name DMEA reflects the transformation of event from industry meeting place to a platform for digital healthcare and signifies a major evolution in the strategy and content of the trade fair.

ConhIT had been introduced to help in healthcare digitization. IT has become a foundation of proficient and sustainable healthcare. To remain a powerful agent all along in the coming years, the DMEA will replicate the whole digital supply chain which includes every process along its way. It is going to be expanded into a platform where the constructive and informative debate about IT is going to be promoted in every sector of the supply chain.

DMEA’s is aimed at promoting digital networking across different sectors. It also aims to address the new audience. IT has been an integral part and foundational part of healthcare processes. Individual areas will supposedly be developed and give a bigger meeting for original ideas and mutual communication.

Therefore, DMEA is being seen as an information affair and assembly place for all the decision-makers who are concerned with influencing the digital development in the healthcare system.

That is why DMEA is supposedly seeing itself as an event for information and get-together place for all the people who are involved in making decisions for influencing digital procedures in the digital healthcare system.

The German union of health IT vendors, the said holder of the event, is putting mutually an innovative concept for the organization and content of DMEA with its associates to remain attractive for newcomers, regular exhibitors and trade visitors. There have been other innovative startups too. Spain has also witnessed a rise in digital healthcare industry over a period now with new startups.

The successful partnership with links representative software product client and scientific organization is all set to persist more intimately.

The event is supposed to stay at its current location and will continue to be planned by its trusted partner Messe Berlin.

The effects of the digital transformation are also ever more touching for the medical and the nursing sector customs established in hospitals and clinic. Also, effects are seen in companies that want to reinvent themselves in the healthcare organization with pioneering contributions. These target groups are dealt with in a more focused and effective way.

Also, there will be ample scope to discuss current trends such as artificial intelligence or blockchain, as well as networking within the industry. There will be scope to senate and network procedures which will endorse a conversation inside the business.

All kinds of pioneering proceedings for newbies will encircle DMEA. As the process of digitization is in full swing, the entire healthcare system will be changing. Hence, the audience will be changing too. Therefore, to look back and keep in mind the positive trends among the exhibitors and trade visitors at IT is the ideal time to take the proceedings a step ahead.

The business conference location that was conhIT will turn out to be DMEA, the platform for digitalized healthcare. DMEA event will happen in the Berlin exhibition grounds from 9th April 2019 to 11th April 2019.

Many exhibitors, varying from new to regular ones which also include the gold collaborators have already confirmed that they will be attending the event.

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