conhIT 2018 a great hit among healthcare innovators from German -European cluster

conhIT 2018

conhIT, Connecting Healthcare IT, Europe’s leading Health IT event was thrown open to the visitors and exhibitors on 17th April 2018. In the recent years, conhIT has established itself as one of the most attended and highly popular HealthIT Event across Europe. This year’s event which was scheduled from 17th to 19th April drew a crowd of more than 500 exhibitors from 20 countries.

In the past three days, the city of Berlin had played host to more than 9000 visitors and Health IT enthusiasts who witnessed and took part in intense panel discussions while getting an opportunity to network with the major players of the Health IT sector.

A discussion in progress

There were different events scheduled under the umbrella of ‘International Networking‘ to cater to the needs of the international audience and provide them with the opportunity to present their innovative solutions and find potential partners and investors.

The major networking events on day 1 included ‘International Market Opportunities for Digital Health Companies‘ and Startup-Corporate networking event. conhIT Business Meetings 2018 on day 2, a matchmaking event was a great hit amongst visitors and exhibitors.

One of the many innovative devices that were exhibited

Group discussions under the event, Congress were aimed at disseminating information regarding the Health IT Sector and also provide training to the interested participants. IT-Werkstatt, small interactive workshops in this year’s Congress offered totally new insights to the participants and got them acquainted with a myriad of opportunities available in the digital health sector.

Some of the sessions focused on making efficient and ethical utilization of patient-generated health data while others discussed the increasing trend of digitization of hospital infrastructure. Hospitals worldwide are embracing digital solutions as well. This has opened up a plethora of opportunities for Health IT innovators to provide highly innovative solutions to improve hospital infrastructure.

Some of the hospitals are utilising Electronic Health Records to improve their clinical workflow while others are using automated robots to clean the hospital.

Germany has been a leading nation in providing quality healthcare services to its citizens and one of the first countries to embrace digital health technology.  Dr Michael Meyer, German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association chaired a discussion on the significance of eHealth for the new German government on day 2 of the event.

Siemens Healthineers exhibiting at conhIT 2018

In the recent months, the whole world witnessed the revolution that Blockchain technology brought about in different aspects of our life. Blockchain has rocked the financial industry as well as transformed the healthcare sector as well. An interactive group discussion under IT-Werkstatt was held today which discussed the issues concerning Blockchain technology and if it is a hype or truly holds some potential to disrupt healthcare delivery.

With the entry of major industry stalwarts in the digital health sector, medical trade shows and events take up a new role of providing the state-of-the-art information about the market segments under a single roof.

The increasing digitization and advancement in social media is definitely not going to reduce the charm of traditional trade fairs and events in the coming years.


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