eVaidya developing innovative digital solutions to improve rural healthcare in India

rural healthcare in India

eVaidya partners with Andra Pradesh government to improve rural healthcare in India

eVaidya with telemedicine technological ideas is providing healthcare to unprivileged people of India. The aim is to overcome basic healthcare such as infants death, lack of vaccinations, maternity deaths.

eVaidya Pvt. Ltd. is a company conventional for providing healthcare services. With their telemedicine technological ideas, they have been providing healthcare. Especially for a country like India which is still brawling in providing the primary health care in the rural area, these solutions go a long way in improving the healthcare ecosystem of the country.

In India, more than 60 per cent of its population considered being living in rural. And they are still dealing with basic healthcare such as infants death, lack of proper vaccinations, and maternity deaths. Also, lack of medical professions in the Indian rural area.

Providing complete quality healthcare services in a country like India is itself a difficult as well as a unique challenge.

Andhra Pradesh government has collaborated with the eVaidya to implement the idea of eUPHC in the districts of Andhra Pradesh. eUPHC stands for Electronic Urban Primary Healthcare Center.

With this collaboration, eVaidya is executing the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) to provide quality healthcare to unprivileged people. It is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) representation of the government mainly focusing on urban slums and unguarded people’s access to healthcare.

It features an amalgamation of the primary health care centre, pharmacy, teleconsultations, doctors, lab services and imagining all in one place. The place also has people working from ASHA and ANM who conduct different days and events to provide awareness. Days like health and nutrition.

Engaging actively in National Public Health Programmes like NTPC, RNTPC, deworming, immunization, family planning. Also, providing epidemic alerts, registration of the Antenatal care, contributing to reducing MMR and IMR, promoting institutional delivery.

For generating the unique ID the registration of patient is done. Citizen proof is required preferably Adhaar. The details of the patient are stored with the photo for identification purpose. Using eVAidya’s MediBox ( a trademark occupational technology) patient’s family history, health complaints are also saved.

The nurses at the centre note down the important health factor of the patient such as BMI, ECG (as required), blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry.

Through Electronic Medical Records (EMR) the consultations are given by doctors to the patients at the centre. All the detailed consultations are provided by the doctors and based on that doctors prescribe medicines, send for investigations to the labs.

If required they refer the patient to the higher government hospitals.

Based on the requirement of patient’s condition after consultation, the doctor may refer the patient to the high-level consultations by the scientists. This is done through telemedicine. There are more than 64 lab investigations that are being done at the centre. Tests include blood tests, blood sugar tests, lipid profile, Pregnancy confirmation, urine analysis, typhoid, malaria, dengue, HIV, and others. The printed reports are handed to the patients as well as upload to their records in Mailbox.

One can find the medicines prescribed at the pharmacy. The pharmacists explain the dosage and time of dosage to the patient clearly. There is an in-built inventory management system for the monitoring of stock of drugs. All the medicines present at the centre can be known with just a click.

Image credit: www.evaidya.com


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