Medical device cybersecurity company raises funding of $1.9 Million

Medical device cybersecurity

Medical device cybersecurity company raises funding of $1.9 Million

Medcrypt is helping in preventing medical devices from being compromised and is developing standards to ensure medical devices cybersecurity. The raised money will eventually include reflexion medical, QuiO that will be used by device makers to deploy cyber software.

Medcrypt, which offers devices used for cybersecurity, has recently raised $ 1.9 million in funding to help in their ventures. The device will be installed in hospitals to ensure all data within the hospital has been secured. The device will enable computers to receive and send encrypted data to enhance security.

All devices will be controlled at a central unit to ensure every suspicious activity has been dealt with urgency. They will ensure that all the information received comes from a trusted source.

Medical device cybersecurity company Medcrypt has collaborated with Eniac ventures, with other companies also participating like Nex cubed, sway ventures, fried man bio ventures and Oronoco Investment. The raised money will be used to deploy cyber security software that will be used by the device makers where they will include customer reflexion medical, QuiO and many more.

This will help medical institutions to have protected technology systems.

The funding will help Medcrypt to add more customers to their grid and continue providing secure medical systems to customers who want to use their devices. This will ensure secure data for both patients and medical facilities.

Medcrypt devices are the new technology that every medical institution that embraces technology must have because their tools are designed uniquely for medical devices to bring in regulatory requirements. The users will have more time to implement Medcrypt codes using very few lines thus getting more time to develop the software.

The device is able to meet the current technology needs and give space for future expansion. Medcrypt follows the FDA regulatory system to ensure that the devices are monitored in one central place. The staff members are able to see client’s libraries using different hardware platforms.

Medical institutions are required to ensure the same encryption code for financial security. The encryption code is used so that it can be easy to rely on financial institutions that use the same code. Medical facilities are made to learn that the only key thing they can offer clients and its member staff is secure environment when transacting online. This will enable facilities to improve in offering services to patients with high technology levels and build high confidence from patients improving their businesses.

Many companies that offer security devices focuses mostly on providing their clients with devices that protect the legacy of their equipment. Medcrypt differs in this case, it connects directly with device makers to bring into the market new devices.

FDA is working tirelessly in advocating for medical institutions to ensure they have this device where the companies offering the devices are able to outsource encryption from specialized firms.

In an interview, Mike Kijweski who is the co-founder and CEO Medcrypt said that “We are targeting anything FDA would consider a medical device and has computer processor. That could be a digital therapeutic app it could be an implanted peacemaker, and really anything in between. While we have software that can be useful for any computerized medical device in that spectrum, we find that devices have some form of network connectivity are really the products that need cybersecurity features the most.”

Medical institutions need to embrace these new technology devices to avert attacks from hackers due to the increasing cyber insecurities, which are now targeting even hospitals.

Medcrypt teamwork ensures that every data is protected and in case of any leakage, the problem is dealt with urgency. The partners are excited to see this project working in various facilities.

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