Google Fitbit collaboration to transform electronic medical records

Google Fitbit collaboration

Google Fitbit collaboration in digital health

eHealth Data can now be easily managed as Google and Fitbit are collaborating with the aim of boosting eHealth system.

The world of medicine continuously improves at a rapid pace. Today doctors have succeeded in associating new technology in such a way as to come up with useful and suitable gadgets, which enable to check health condition of patients. Fitbit is one such technology company, which produces medical devices that measure our physical parameters. Fitbit watch has wireless technology incorporated into it and that can measure a person’s heart rate, a number of steps walked, quality of sleep and many other personal body data.

The Fitbit Tracker is the first product, which Fitbit released on the market. In addition to this medical device that a user wears to monitor its body parameters, Fitbit also provides a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows.

Fitbit has associated itself with Google in order to take over the digital health market. In partnership; they have a main target to keep improving eHealth gadgets. They now stand in the race of digital healthcare space with huge competitors like Amazon and Apple. The Vice President of Healthcare at Google Cloud, Gregory J. Moore once wrote in a blog post that, “Google Cloud’s vision for the healthcare industry is very much a reflection of Google’s overall mission.”

He furthermore mentioned that we’re building healthcare-specific products and solutions as well as supporting a growing partner ecosystem to help companies organize healthcare data in a way that is accessible and interoperable, but also secure, enabling them to create a positive and lasting impact on human health. All this to prove their aims and ambitions of completely boosting the digital healthcare sector.

The co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, James Park, also affirms that “Over the past decade, we have built an incredible foundation as the leading wearables brand, helping millions of people around the world make lasting behaviour changes that improve their health and wellness through fun and engaging experiences. Working with Google gives us an opportunity to transform how we scale our business, allowing us to reach more people around the world faster, while also enhancing the experience we offer to our users and the healthcare system. This collaboration will accelerate the pace of innovation to define the next generation of healthcare and wearables.”

Henceforth Fitbit and Google now form one team and work for hand in hand to explore and develop more digital healthcare solutions.

One of the innovations that are expected would be the combination of electronic medical records (EMR) with the Fitbit data to provide a patient’s medical profile.

With all these medical technological innovations people in the future will be able to monitor their health conditions all by themselves. No need for weekly, monthly or yearly medical check-ups. An application linked to our body will do the work for us and prevent us from attaining serious and critical illnesses.

Even on the side of the medical personnel in the hospitals, there will be less traffic and the doctors and nurses could better concentrate on the most delicate and critical conditions. Diabetes patients could easily see the impact of what they consume daily on their health and as such do the necessary to remain in a stable condition all by themselves. Google and Fitbit’s collaboration will surely save many lives.

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