Healthcare hackathon held in Bavaria state of Germany to promote rural healthcare

Healthcare hackathon held in Bavaria

Healthcare hackathon held in Bavaria state of Germany to promote rural healthcare

Hackathon focuses on better healthcare in rural areas by researching on merging applied sciences and technology for improvement in medical services.

With the mere aim to promote rural healthcare services, Hackathon was conducted in the Upper Palatinate region. Albert Füracker, the Bavarian finance minister expressed his appreciation towards rural healthcare and said that such kind of events is crucial in elevating rural medicare services. With the cooperation of the population, old beliefs, facilities, and services must be broken only to build ameliorated services.

Even the ministry of finance willingly wishes to invest in rural healthcare, stating their joy in rural advancement.

These initiatives will not only elevate the health conditions in rural areas but also help in improvising the country as a whole, including its economy and gross domestic product ratio.

Rural areas are the backbone of any country and proper initiatives must be taken on a regular basis to improve their conditions.

The hackathon aids in countering the challenges that are prevalent in demographics by providing better healthcare, involving both prevention and cure, along with innovations for an appealing life in the countryside. Even the university believes that better rural healthcare services must be instilled for a better lifestyle.

Innovations and new advancements by merging applied science and technology transfer are being researched for elevation in medical services. Vice President Christiane Hellbach stated that use of digitalization crafted just to advance the healthcare sector is much needed and is already being developed.

Every individual who’s involved in healthcare services proves to be crucial in making this innovation a success. Developing technologies with different professionals including medical professionals, politicians, service providers, payers, patient groups, and industry would be the most enthralling way of making conditions better in rural areas. Manufacture of projects is already in play along with challenges that should be solved by the participants in the Hackathon. The founder also wishes the young people to offer their ideas regarding such matters be it structural or technological,

Not just ideas, even the innovations or models from their side are very much welcome. Demographic change is the basis of such deteriorating conditions and the issue must be solved as early as possible.

Eleven projects have already been created and more are in the process, each one of them is related to healthcare. Intersectoral patient record, nursing documentation software, skin disease management therapy, support for mental health patients, a citizen activation management tool are some of the developed projects.

Hackathon, along with making Medicare facilities better in rural regions, proved that networking and socially connecting with others works in attaining similar goals. Also, people showed their gratification in hackathon stating this event to be one of the most commendable ones.

A similar elevation in healthcare and medical services was seen in an initiative that took place in the premises of India. The country has still been developing and Medicare sector in the rural areas is low-grade.

Technological advancements like telemedicine, cloud database and eMamta proved to be highly beneficial in increasing medical services in a small town in India.

With commendable innovations like Grow fit app, healthcare facilities have been increased in rural areas with positive results.

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