IMPACT mobile app promises to transform diabetes treatment in India

diabetes treatment in India

After successfully testing in Australia, IMPACT Diabetes app to save lives in India

An advanced mobile device-based health app is all set to allow individuals in India to get essential diabetes care was established by The George Institute for Global Health, Australia. IMPACT Diabetes helps individuals living in rural areas to access timely, affordable and guideline-based health care locally, reduce the probability of creating life-threatening complications and ultimately save lives.

Professor Vivek Jha, Executive Director of The George Institute for Global Health, India stated: “Approximately 50 million people in India have type 2 diabetes and this number is growing each year.

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, which formally launched the ‘IMPACT Diabetes’ program stated, “In rural India alone, over 25 million people have diabetes and the number is climbing quickly.”

The George Institute’s ‘SMARThealth‘ program and the IMPACT Diabetes team will train female community health workers, called ASHAs, through a smartphone program.

They’ll then screen men and women in those communities, identify people who have diabetes or at high risk of their illness, provide them diet and lifestyle guidance, refer them to the physician for medication therapy and follow up in their adherence to therapy and control. Individuals at high risk of diabetes, obesity will be followed by referrals to doctors, lifestyle ideas to alter diet and workout and additional visits from ASHAs to make sure their illness has been appropriately handled.

Screened patients experiencing will have their case history recorded along with the testing of glucose level, blood pressure, height, and weight listed to calculate their risk rating for diabetes.

The event was attended by employees from Pandit B.D. Sharma Institute of Medical Sciences, such as Dr. Varun Arora and Dr. Pradeep Khanna, job researchers Dr. Anita and Anoop, project employees in Addition to beneficiaries of SMART Health Applications.

A demonstration of this smartphone program by ASHA employees was revealed at the case, followed by an interaction with community health workers where they shared their own experiences and how it has enhanced their self-esteem and attracted societal recognition.

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