Mammoth Biosciences : First startup to use CRISPR technology to detect diseases

CRISPR technology to detect diseases

CRISPR technology to detect diseases

CRISPR technology is a resourceful tool that is used to edit genomes and allow researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene functions. It is used in molecular biology to edit genome and analyze the genetic structure of the DNA.

CRISPR technology has been used to modify the dynamics of genetics and biological sciences through the advancements of medical technology and improved healthcare services. The technology has been in food production in the manufacture of seedless tomatoes leading to the sustainable food production in most developed countries since they can grow in controlled environment such as laboratories. The technology has been in the production of biofuel through the use of algae through gene editing protocols that has allowed energy companies to double the amount of oil produced.

CRISPR is being used in healthcare to improve the quality of pregnancy management through the use of IVF treatment whereby the gene is edited within the human embryo to reduce the likelihood of miscarriages.

It is being in used in cancer treatment to discover the various the biological processes of managing and eliminating the cancerous brain tumors. Furthermore, it has been used to remove the HIV virus from the human immune cells. It has also been used in eliminating malaria in mosquitoes with the hopes of minimizing the rate of malaria infection in humans.

This technology has revolutionized the state of medical care throughout the world whereby doctors and researchers are finding ways to cause diseases to self destruct hence minimize the need for preventive medication and treatment.

CRISPR Therapeutics

The company has used the CRISPR technology to promote gene editing to cure and treat patients with genetic defections such as inherited blood disorder and beta thalassemia. The company is using the technology for devising technological devices, tools, and practices to screen for the potential growth of cancer cells in the human body.

Intellia Therapeutics

The company has implemented the technology in developing advanced therapeutic techniques and gene editing using CRISPR-Cas9 technology through clinical trials. Furthermore, the company is focusing on using this technology to create fixed and partial changes in disease causing genes.

Juno Therapeutics

This company is currently using the CRISPR technology to develop cancer immunotherapy drugs to improve the medical state of cancer patients in the United States. The organization has partnered with other firms to improve the development of the cancer screening tools.

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Mammoth Biosciences bringing CRISPR technology to our smartphones

Mammoth Biosciences has integrated the CRISPR technology to develop the Mammoth diagnostics which uses the CRISPR data platform for its gene editing technology and DNA alteration. The company recently launched the world’s first platform for detecting genes in the DNA or RNA that are disease causing.

Furthermore, the company has purposed to liberalise the treatment process with the use of the disease detection tool that allows users to use the point of care test to check their medical status either at home, school, or at work.

The company aims to provide a CRISPR powered search engine for disease detection that allows doctors to uncover the genetic problems an individual might be suffering so as to ensure the cause of the disease and how best to treat it.

Moreover, the company is developing a credit card-sized paper test and a mobile app that allows both doctors and patients to detect the presence of any diseases like malaria, ZIKA virus, and tuberculosis.

The company aims to transform the process of diagnostic testing from point of care setting to at home testing which makes it convenient and easy for patients to test their genetic composition from the comfort of their houses. During the disease detection process, the CRISPR technology is used to detect bio-makers containing the DNA/RNA of the tested individual through the genetic data collected from their urine, blood, and spit.

Mammoth Biosciences is providing corporates and individuals with gene editing tools and services, diagnostic testing capabilities, and genetic data on how best to treat or later the DNA makeup of an individual to prevent the recurrence of diseases.

Since Mammoth Bioscience uses CRISPR technology for gene editing and this practice is considered to be part of gene therapy, it is FDA approved under the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER).

The company has received numerous investors from several companies in the United States as well as anonymous funding from individuals and corporations from all over the world. The organization is considerably still at its development stage with a team of eight individuals; 5 co-founders and 4 team members acting as scientists, and research technicians. Mammoth Bioscience is still a growing startup organization that is impacting the world of medicine, and agriculture with its CRISPR technology.

The CRISPR gene editing tools and products are complex because they involve complex analysis of the DNA composition to ascertain whether they are disease-causing or not. They are not easy to use for beginners, therefore, they need to be taught how to use the search engine for gene composition and scrutinization.

A new revolution in digital health sector

The CRISPR technology will change the landscape of the digital health sector whereby patients and doctors will be able to detect hereditary diseases and infections affecting people within the same lineage and resolve this issue through genetic editing and modifications.

Patients will no longer suffer recurrent diseases because the disease causing genes will be corrected and improvised through the CRISPR technology.

This new wave of technological advancement will completely change the medical landscape whereby doctors will be able to accurately diagnose their patients through the use of this technology by assessing the genetic makeup of their patients. Testing and diagnosis patients with malaria, ZIKA virus, tuberculosis and other genetic related complications will be easy and convenient for healthcare professionals.

There are other biotech startups that have integrated CRISPR technologies in their respective operations like Caribou Sciences, Intellia, Cellectics, and Precision Biosciences.

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