Google Assistant integrates with Swedish health tracking app, Lifesum

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Google Assistant integrates with Swedish health tracking app, Lifesum

Lifesum now supports Google Assistant integration, allowing users to log their eating habits and keeping a check on their weight, food habits, water consumption by just talking to the Google Assistant.

A Swedish health tracking app called Lifesum has now been integrated with Google Assistant to offer voice command support. Users of the app can now talk to the Google Assistant directly to record and track their meals, water consumption, and weight management.

The new feature can be accessed using the voice command “OK Google, talk to Lifesum”. Users can then say their meal or water intake information that will be stored in the Lifesum app. This will be more convenient for users as it is better than using a fitness tracker watch. The main advantage of this feature is that one does not need to enter their intakes into the Lifesum app manually; they just have to talk to the Google Assistant and it will directly feed the information into the app.

Lifesum has also got an optional feature which, when enabled, gives you fitness challenges. For instance, it might challenge you to lock away all the chocolates in your kitchen.

The new Google Assistant integrated into the Lifesum app supports only English as of now. The developer is expected to roll out full functionality eventually. The new features definitely need improvements, but the convenience they add is undeniable. Lifesum is designed to help users set fitness goals and keep track of their progress while setting daily targets.

Lifesum’s co-founder and CEO Henrik Torstensson said that the company wanted to come up with an innovative and fun solution to help people keep a check on their food and water consumption by just talking to their phone. The new feature is expected to simplify people’s journey towards fitness by making meal tracking easier.

About the Lifesum app

In funding led by SparkLabs Global Ventures and Bauer Media Group in 2014, Lifesum raised about 6.7 million. The company has been in the digital health game for a while now and has a large user base on Android as well as iOS. Combined with motivational psychology and user data, the app helps people achieve their weight-loss goals.

While signing up for the app, users can choose the type of diet they want to follow, and then they can track their macros for each meal by logging them into the Lifesum app. The app offers weekly scores according to the user’s activities and also provides tips for improvements. The app costs $3 a month and can be pretty useful for fitness freaks.

Trend: the digital health industry

In the US alone, about 40% of adults suffer from obesity, which can further lead to diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases, ultimately increasing medical expenses. Digital health apps, calorie counters, fitness trackers, etc. have been around for many years now and are used extensively by the public.

Several big players like Weight Watchers, Suggestic, Lose It, Livongo, etc. have become quite popular for diet-conscious people and have been impacting the market growth significantly.

For instance, Freeletics, a fitness training and nutrition app secured a $45 million funding in Series A round. This only goes on to show that the industry is very much profitable and definitely something that all investors have their eyes on.

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