Google Assistant Investment program invests in voice assistant startup, Aiva Health

Google Assistant Investment program

Google Assistant Investment Program invests in voice assistant startup, Aiva Health

Aiva Health receives investment from Google Assistant Investment Program. The funds will be utilized for the deployment and development of voice operating system to ensure better care for patients.

Voice assistants are very much in trend these days. People are making investments in systems like Google home, Amazon Alexa and many other artificial intelligence platforms. Even the healthcare industry is looking to capitalize on smart speakers to connect with its patients and seniors.

Recently a healthcare unit called Mayo Clinic launched a voice control that focused on health-related matters. This Alexa skill majorly concentrates on helping patients by providing them with first aid advice. “Answer by Cigna” was yet another Alexa skill introduced recently. Cigna has answers for about 150 common health-related problems.

Google Assistant Investment Program has finally made a move into the healthcare industry. Aiva Healthcare recently announces an investment from Google Assistant Investment Program. The funds will be utilized for the deployment and development of the voice operating system to ensure better care.

Aiva had been using smart speakers lately to ensure engagement and empowerment of the patients. The voice operating system is also a fun way to connect the caregivers and patients closely. The voice operating system is made with a set of applications that help the connectivity. The mobile application of caregivers has a dashboard that reports the performance.

It also has a page that helps the caregivers manage requests. A backend team is looking after the settings of the voice assistant and manages its interaction with different smart devices.

Sumeet Bhatia, the founder of Aiva healthcare, says that voice assistants are the new way of delivering better healthcare. He even shares his overwhelmed emotions about working with the Google assistant investment program.

This investment will help the company in expanding its offerings. People will be able to have improved and proper care.

Pushing up digital startup has been going on a very rapid rate. This program was introduced this spring to promote digital startups.

The leader of Google Assistant Investment Program states that Google voice assistant has been source information for millions lately. With the help of Aiva, they are willing to push technology further and improve human interactions such as caregiving.

Aiva healthcare is considered the best in term of providing hands-free assistance. Aiva’s integrated voice system has a lot of features that let patients set reminders, entertain themselves, and access educational information. Patients and seniors can also request certain services with the help of voice assistant.

Aiva has been providing services to many hospitals, senior communities, physician office for quite some time now.

These voice assistants can be useful for all the seniors to deal with loneliness. It helps them to connect with people in their residence, friends, and family. The hand free voice call or video call is the major feature behind the popularity of voice assistant among seniors.

By catching the attention of many investors, Aiva is now counted in one among the ten names in the healthcare industry. Apart from Google and Amazon, some other investors of Aiva are Techstars, Mucker Capital, Act One Ventures, etc.

Aiva is all set to present in front of various summits and forums this fall. The forums and summit include PointClickCare Summit, The Innovation Forum, etc.

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