10 Innovative startups in elderly healthcare USA

10 Innovative startups in elderly healthcare USA

10 Innovative startups in elderly healthcare USA

Old age is a crucial stage in life that requires utmost care and attention because as the body ages, it is susceptible to diseases, infections, mental and emotional breakdown. Therefore, the elderly require medical supervision to avoid subjecting their ageing bodies to unnecessary tensions. The main reason why they need care is that they are easily neglected by the young generation since they are focusing on their careers, academic qualifications and their personal ambitions.

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Digital health startups in the elderly sector are providing healthcare services that are cost-effective and of high quality. Some of these services include; long-term care either at home or at the nursing facilities. Digital startups are focusing on providing medical services that focus on health risks such as depression, diabetes, cardiovascular complications and cancer among other illnesses.

These health startups are trying to provide digital medical care for the elderly because they are normally, marginalized when it comes to providing them with the needed medical attention. These startups are teaching the public to take a hands-on approach in providing medical care for the elderly through the use of applications such as “Diabetes in Check” app which monitors the diabetes level of the patient. Through the Medicare, the elderly healthcare sector is worth $618.7 billion.

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10 Elderly healthcare startups

  1. Hometeam: This is a startup that provides detail-oriented care for the elderly by improving in-home care through the use of modern technology. It offers elderly patients with professional caregiving experience. It relies on mobile technology whereby patients are given iPads to track their medical status. The home care approach has led to the growth of this startup; whereby 92% employees would recommend the company to potential patients and 95% of the patients would recommend the centre for other patients. This startup provides medical care for over 12 million elderly Americans who could not afford to pay for nursing homes.
  2. Steadiwear: This is a startup company that provides technology-oriented services such as wearable devices that handle body tremor for the elderly patients. The company launched the Steadigllove; a device that reduces hand tremors in elderly patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor.
  3. Cake: It is a mobile application that is used to allow elderly patients to communicate and vent out their feelings about death. It provides them with a question and answer platform whereby they get to provide yes or no answers to questions about death and mortality. It allows them to convey their preferences about death and how they want to organize their personal lives before departing from this world. Currently, it covers approximately 150 million Americans and it only costs $99 annually to use the application.
  4. Sway: This is a digital startup company that developed the FDA testing system that determines the stability of an individual through the use of a motion analysis algorithm that assesses the probability of a fall by a patient. It used mobile and cloud-based technology which is used to ensure that patient data collected from any iOS Athletic Profile data is secure and reliable.
  5. Silvernest: It is a startup company that aims at matching the elderly patients in nursing or retirements with young and more lively roommates as a way to reduce the isolation rate affecting the older patients. It relies on matching up patients with younger roommates as a way to give the elderly group company while at the nursing homes.
  6. HonorThis is a healthcare startup company that has revolutionised elderly care in the United States through the use of its mobile technology platform to offer high-quality care to their patients. Its mobile platform allows loved ones and friends to track the medical progress of their elderly patient and assess the rate of the patient’s health improvement.
  7. Rendever: This is a technology-oriented startup company that uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to offer elderly patients the opportunity to experience the outside world even though they are confined to nursing homes or retirement establishments. Since elderly patients cannot move around as they used, this company gives them the chance to travel the world through the use of the VR technology.
  8. Pixie Scientific: This is a tech startup company that provides assessment and monitoring the urinary tract for dehydration and infections among the elderly patients. The app is used to detect any symptoms and signs of infection and diagnose the problem before it becomes serious. Moreover, it allows elderly patients suffering from UTI to be attended in good time especially if they suffer from memory loss. It uses sensor technology to detect abnormalities within the urinary tract.
  9. Zansors: It is a startup firm that uses sensor technology to inform elderly patients of how much they slept and if it was enough for them not to experience bodily fatigue and exhaustion. The app uses the ZeeMee sensor patches to inform users of how much they moved or breathed while sleeping. This app is normally used by patients suffering from insomnia.
  10. Seismic: This is a technology startup company that develops bodysuits specifically for elderly patients that deals with movement and mobility. Older patients are usually confined in small spaces because they do not find the need to move around. However, seismic wearable suits allow the elderly population to freely move and travel.

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