10 Israeli healthcare startups attend GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit ​

Israeli healthcare startups

10 Israeli healthcare startups attend GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit

Out of the 14 healthcare startups invited to GlobalSTL Health Innovation summit, 10 startups are from Israel bringing home the fact that Israeli startups are going to be a major player in the coming years. This summit opens business development opportunities for startups to enter the US market.

The GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit which is an invitation-only program held its second annual summit at St. Louis, Missouri. The GlobalSTL is an initiative by BioSTL a biotech company in St. Louis Missouri which attracts the high growing startups in the field of health-care, finance, and agriculture and cyber security to St. Louis Missouri to collaborate for entrepreneurship.

A total of 14 companies out of more than 600 reviewed by GlobalSTL were invited to present their ventures to different stakeholders and Investors. Out of these 14 companies, 10 companies are from Israel. Each international company which applies for this global summit is taken through a thorough vetting process to recognise which company has the highest potential of getting the deal done. Last year’s summit directly entered five companies at its inauguration out of which three of them were from Israel.

The main motive of this GlobalSTL Summit is to recognize and help the international startups to enter into the US market via strategic business development opportunities.

Every company which is invited to this summit holds a fair chance to directly enter into the US market.

The 10 Israeli companies which were selected for the program includes Clini Works, which works as a big data solution company for monetizing population health and clinical research. Datos, a data platform to store patients related health data for clinical use. MedAware, a platform which aims at eliminating prescription errors. MediSafe for patients’ engagement for medication adherence.

Medorion, a population health platform; Nym health, an automated coding system based on language input. Odoro, a company to lower operational charges through automated workflow; Profility a predictive analytics for point of care decision making; Tytocare, a complete telehealth startup for a clinical exam; VRHealth, providing a virtual reality-based rehab and physical cognitive therapy.

Dr. GD Stein, the CEO and Co-founder of MedAware says that they are very proud to present a new technology which is all driven to eliminate prescription based errors of medication at the summit.

He also exclaimed that they are pleased with the opportunity that will help them connect with the healthcare organizations that are forward in thinking and that they are looking forward to having a partnership with these setups. This would bring a lot of innovation in the digital healthcare sector.

This highly curated program is all about introducing the transformational technologies to the St. Louis healthcare industry.

These transformational technologies in the healthcare industry can really improve quality and access while at the same time lowering the costs of patient care solving challenges in the healthcare industry and hospital operations.

Donn Rubin, President and CEO of BioSTL also said that they would pick companies that represent high-technology value for the healthcare system. This new idea has brought 15 international companies to begin with a new startup at the new St. Louis Location.

Israeli healthcare startups have been leading the healthcare race as 2 Israeli digital health startups recently emerged finalists of India-Israel Innovation to Bridge Program.

Image credit: www.globalstl.org


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