UCHealth to setup healthcare innovation center to transform digital healthcare

healthcare innovation center

UCHealth to set up healthcare innovation center

UCHealth is planning to setup healthcare innovation hub to support 70 healthcare startups to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare domain.

The University of Colorado Health, based in Aurora has launched a new innovation center which is going to support Health IT innovation to improve the clinical decision support and also to lend a hand in artificial intelligence along with improvement in virtual health and wearable technology. The new innovation hub in Denver will influence sparkling minds both inside and outside the health care system.

The hub is supposed to bring together more than 70 startups to join hands to cultivate newer ideas. UCHealth is already in talks with plenty of innovative companies.

They have developed products to improve the efficiency of operation theaters, also to boost the accuracy of prescription of medication.

They are determined to introduce the latest study and set of rules on the electronic medical record. They aim at utilizing wearable devices to monitor patients.

The UCHealth chief innovation officer, Dr. Richard Zane was also heard saying that there is a need for them to move ahead with the innovation taking place by partnering with other firms concerned for the same issue. This is needed to enhance the quality of healthcare, combining factors like experience and safety, at the same time minimizing the costs. Various technologies like big data, AI, decision support, etc. have marked their presence in the digital health industry.

UCHealth is also in the planning and talks to build “future hospital rooms” as a part of their innovation lab. This room will have a different, newer clinical setting with necessary equipment as well as devices. With the help of virtual health technology, the patient’s bedroom could be converted into a place where medicines are delivered in a fresh manner, adding to the comfort of the patient.

We can only anticipate what is to come up next given this exciting venture of this innovation. As of now, there is no clue about the ideas or innovations that will be developed but surely the founders and directors of the lab cannot wait to get started. UCHealth is a renowned and innovative non-profit organisation (NPO) in the healthcare industry. It is famous for delivering highest quality medical care and services along with having an excellent experience in handling the patients.

UCHealth combines more than 12 hospitals into an organization that caters to health care. It provides supreme care for its patients in the Rocky Mountain West.

The center, known by the name of Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation, will summon experts from every sphere from wellness and healthcare industries to support and create new ideas.

UCHealth has provoked many healthcare systems who do not thus far have a center that they possess are scrutinizing the potential. For example, Emory Healthcare, lately announced, its decision to craft its personal innovation hub in Atlanta!

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