eClinicalWorks launches health information search engine to facilitate interoperability

health information search engine

eClinicalWorks launches health information search engine to facilitate interoperability

eClinicalWorks launches a health information search engine by the name of Prizma and creates a longitudinal view of the patient’s health information by collecting information from multiple sources.

eClinicalWorks, a leading healthcare IT company announced it’s all in one app for patients. The app is known as “Prizma,” it is a healthcare search engine which presents a longitudinal report on a patient which the patient can access and understand or can be used by the physician to prescribe and realize what is wrong with a patient.

It gives health information about people for them to understand and be aware of good health outcomes. It promises to provide the correct information or report about the patient which makes it reliable both for the patient and the doctor to look at. With its best network of healthcare networks, it provides the best report.

It is an approach towards a health-aware population or community. All the health data is compiled from various networks and Prizma puts it in one place. It focuses on making the experience of providers a whole lot better. They do so by working on Carequality Interoperability Framework and CommonWell Health Alliance. Over 2,400 hospitals have contributed to the information.

These hospitals have acted as nodes, and there are over 40,000 ambulatory care settings throughout the country.

Girish Nivani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks says -Prizma is the solution that very effectively searches, organizes, and presents relevant patient data, revolutionizing the availability of information and transforming how it is displayed.

It is developed as a solution so that the patients can feel at peace and can access their health information with ease. It provides high-quality search outcomes and searches that are presented in an easy longitudinal way so that it’s easy to understand for both the patient and the physician.

Girish Nivani gets the idea and says that the internet contains a wealth of information, and search engines play a critical role by organizing and presenting relevant information. Currently, health information is scattered throughout various care settings.

eClinicalWorks is a company that focuses on healthcare IT solutions. They are the private lenders in the industry. The company flourishes as there are over 130,000 physicians along with nurse practitioners who have been continuously using their services.

The company has set its name across the globe. They definitely aim towards making healthcare easily accessible and affordable for every single individual. The company has received quite a lot of accolades as well in various places.

As technology keeps changing day by day, the new inventions should also be focused completely towards user benefits. That is exactly what EClinicalWorks has done. The change is going to bring considerable benefits to society in the long run.

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