Biogen launches mobile app for multiple sclerosis ​patients

mobile app for multiple sclerosis ​patients

Big pharma company, Biogen launches mobile app for multiple sclerosis ​patients

Biogen’s free app Aby provides a platform for patients with multiple sclerosis to stay updated with the different facets of the condition & provides them with a journal to keep track of their health.

Biogen is known for their professionalism in discovering, developing and delivering of therapies for the treatment of patients worldwide. They have been delivering this services since 1978 where great biologist of that time came together to form this idea. Recently they have come up with an app to help people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). People living with MS will be able to get accurate and very reliable information about this condition and the support.

Biogen that is a big pharma company has come up with an app that will be used by patients with multiple sclerosis directly from their phones. The app is known as Aby is available to all at no cost where the users will receive free articles that will give patients tips about the disease condition and how to live with it.

The personalized support plan will enable MS patients to focus on other activities which will bring happiness to their lives rather than their condition. This way they will be able to set goals and achieve them in a more positive way.

This app is said to be very beneficial to the patients because they will be able to stay informed by exploring articles and news provided by the app. The app will enable users to create custom reports where they will record physical activities, mood, and symptoms.

The Biogen Aby app will enable them to create reports about their condition which can later be discussed with a specialist. Upon getting schedules from health care providers, patients can set up appointments and medical notifications as given by the specialist. Biogen has ensured that exercise programs have been put in place for these patients where they are allowed to choose between three different levels according to their comfort level.

In a panel discussion at bio 2018, Jeremy Sohn who is the vice president and global head of digital business development and licensing at Norvatis said, “If we define digital therapeutics as the best in class drugs that are approved based on clinical efficacy and safety, then it is almost the opposite question we should be asking: why wouldn’t a pharma industry, or a company like Norvatis want to, in fact, need to, be in the space?” In an interview the president-elect Megan Weigel said, “We believe in an overall wellness approach to caring for people living with MS.

We know first-hand that everyone’s experiences living with MS are different, we encourage each individual to develop their own customized MS Blueprints with activities that are right for them, to suit their specific wants and needs”.

With this app, patients will enjoy interactive features where they can reach out to nurse educators and learn more about their conditions and even ask questions. The company has an interest in using digital tools to see patients with MS have been helped. They have partnered with Google X and Google’s business unit to see the program working and progressing.

The companies are planning to use software and data analysis and sensors to collect information and analyze it from MS patients. They have also joined hands with therapeutics digital health company to develop digital therapeutics for both MS and Schizophrenia. This is said to be the first time for such a partnership.

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