30 Organizations to help you in India-Germany healthcare market | Market entry, Trade, Research, Education etc.

India-Germany healthcare market

India-Germany healthcare market collaboration (Private sector)

India is overgrowing in various sectors including healthcare. The scope and potential for development are enormous, and there exists a major opening for private companies.

With the cheerful economic environment, strong sectoral performance and growing consumer demand, India has been making progress at a pace which is exceptional. The prospect of sectors such as IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Biotechnology have well acknowledged. The authorities have launched several initiatives and leading multinational firms are setting up their R&D centres in India realizing true potential in this sector.

Different stakeholders understood the risk of growth in healthcare, and it needs to strengthen through productive investment affiliations. To achieve this, both private and public need to integrate efforts and initiatives based on strategic collaboration. Market experts believe companies need to make smart products that planned, developed, channelled and targeted for Indian markets.

Numerous organizations and centres have evolved for providing an overview of healthcare & pharma market, investment opportunities and incentive measures in India, as well as their first point of contact before deciding. The programs and centres also provide detailed information about the target market and modern needs of the overall population.

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Companies enhancing Indo-German collaboration

1. Ace Business Services:

Image Courtesy of acebuiss.com

Ace Business Solutions provides end-to-end solutions for many small and medium enterprises about the Indian market.
They focus on joint ventures, foreign collaboration, technology transfer and cooperation, counselling, government policy and guidelines, identification of technology partner and so on.
Website: http://www.acebuiss.com
Contact: [email protected]

2. Max Planck Society – Max-Planck-Gesellschaft:

Image Courtesy of mpg.de

Max Planck Society is Germany’s most prosperous research company. Max Planck Institutions and facilities focus on research fields that are mainly innovative, or that are exclusively demanding regarding funding or time requirements.
We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with India, for strengthening scientific cooperation between two countries. The deal offers various tools for enhancing the scientific collaboration between the Max Planck Society and research institutions in India.
Website: https://www.mpg.de
Contact: [email protected]

3. AMM Enterprise:

Image Courtesy of amm-group.com

AMM Enterprise GmbH founded by a team of senior experts with the vision of bringing together the German technical power and the Indian cost efficiency in 2015.
We started with a focus on manufacturing of industrial products for Aerospace and an Investment for automotive industry between India and Germany. We can offer custom-built solutions as per consumer demands.
Website: http://www.amm-group.com
Contact: [email protected]

4. MDI Laboratories India Private Limited:

Image Courtesy of mdilabs.net

MDI Laboratories assures a better future for India by providing highly accurate and refined diagnostic results, identical with pioneering German expertise, accuracy, and efficiency.
MDI works in collaboration with Medizinisch Diagnostisch Institute (MDI) GmbH-MVZ, which is Germany’s largest medical laboratory.
Website: http://www.mdilabs.net
Contact: [email protected]

5. Indo-German Energy Forum:

Image Courtesy of energyforum.in

IGEF was established to promote energy dialogue, with the aim of strengthening and expanding Indo-German cooperation in the areas of Energy Safety, Energy Effectiveness, Renewable Energy, and Investment in energy projects, Collective research, and development.
Website: https://energyforum.in
Contact: [email protected]

6. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation):

Image Courtesy of dfg.de

DFG is the independent, central research funding company in Germany, responsible for encouraging basic research.
DFG promotes quality by choosing the best research projects on a competitive basis in a transpicuous manner and actively promotes interdisciplinary and universal cooperation. DFG India is determined to achieve this by supporting and organizing established projects as well as the assistance, design, and execution of new academic activities.
Website: http://www.dfg.de
Contact: [email protected]

7. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD):

Image Courtesy of daaddelhi.org

The German Academic Exchange Service is the largest funding body in the world promoting the international exchange of students and intellectuals.
DAAD office in Delhi, India supports academic interchange between Germany and India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It provides data about education in Germany provides subsidies to students, calls scientists from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka to Germany.
Website: http://www.daaddelhi.org
Contact: [email protected]

8. DEInternational:

DEinternational offers full provision and service to German organizations that want to set up businesses in India. We advise you in all kinds of inquiries regarding investment in India and the related risks and guidelines.
DEInternational helps you to enter Indian markets through a smooth process, and they have assisted more than 150 firms to get established in India.
Website: http://indien.ahk.de

9. DAkkS:

Image Courtesy of dakks.de

DAkkS is a non-profit organization which acts as an individual provider of sanctions for companies in Germany. It manages the business in agreement with the requirements of the relevant regulations and technical principles.
Website: www.dakks.de
Contact: [email protected]

10. EBG Federation:

Image Courtesy of ebgindia.com

European Business Group (EBG) is a non-profit Institute offering support and encouragement for European businesses in India. The principal objective of EBGF is to support development in India-EU trade relations vigorously, become the most important supporter of European companies in India and ensure that the requirements of European business are well reachable to policy and decision makers.
Website: http://ebgindia.com
Contact: [email protected]

11. IGEP:

Image Courtesy of igep.org

IGEP Foundation promotes Indian exports to Germany and other members of the European Union.
IGEP focuses on a large number of shipping companies and ensure that they get maximum regional and sectoral coverage. The assistance is carried out till the member companies can operate independently without any support.
Website: www.igep.org
Contact: [email protected]


Image Courtesy of consultinghouse.eu

Consultinghouse provides innovative and tailored solutions to address unique business challenges that help businesses across various sectors. They focus on helping you to run your business in Germany efficiently.
Consultinghouse offers professional advisory services while commencing a new business, planning to streamline your existing organization or looking into a possible new acquisition in Germany. We have organized the German Market Entry & Expansion Summit, 2017 and it is taking place on 3rd August at My Fortune Hotels in Chennai.
4ebsite: https://www.consultinghouse.eu/
Contact: [email protected]

13. Osborne Clarke:

Image Courtesy of osborneclarke.com

Osborne Clark advises Indian outsourcing companies since last fifteen years. We have a dedicated group with a thorough understanding of different issues faced by profound Indian clients while doing business internationally.
They help Indian companies in setting-up operations or joint ventures in Europe, the US or Asia Pacific and advising on significant commercial transactions to help their businesses grow.
Website: http://www.osborneclarke.com
Contact: [email protected]

14. German Indian Business Center (GIBC):

Image Courtesy of gibc-india.org

GIBC supports Indian & German companies to develop universally through Extensive networking, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Associations, Collaboration, and Outsourcing.
GIBC aims to develop the Indo-German relationship in Economic, Industrial & Educational sectors. They provide a single stop business solution for companies trying to do business in India or Germany. The German-Indian Business Center supports Indian businesses in understanding their business ideas and supports concrete transfer in the Hannover Region.
Website: http://gibc-india.org
Contact: [email protected]

15. PowerHouseCooper:

Image Courtesy of pwc.de

The Indian-German Business Group collaborates with industry professionals in the automotive, chemical & pharmaceutical, energy, commerce & technology as well as the media & telecommunications sector. The group guides and supports Indian organizations in establishing their business in Germany.
Their experienced team will assist you in trans-border trades and will enhance your transactions through due diligence and post-deal services.
Website: www.pwc.de
Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hansjoachim-koehler-a539b91/de?ppe=1

16. IndoGerman Trade Network:

Image Courtesy of indogerman-trade.com

IndoGerman Trade Network is a platform where Indian and German companies given the prospect to present themselves before the possible partners that can signal further joint business venture.
We have a team of experts in sales, marketing and business development and we provide business solutions for numerous German and Indian companies.
Website: http://indogerman-trade.com
Contact: [email protected]

17. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG):

Image Courtesy of dfg.de

DFG is the largest German research funding organization. It promotes the development of science and the humanities by investing in research centres and networks, research projects and facilitating cooperation.
DFG encourages cooperation between researchers at home and abroad.
Website: www.dwih.in
C9ntact: [email protected]

18. Riverbank Filtration Network (RBFN):

Image Courtesy of research-in-germany.org

RBFN brings scientific study and practical knowledge in riverbank filtration (RBF) with a vision to allow further enhancement of the drinking water quality and to reduce the waterborne ailments in India.
The primary goal of RBFN is to promote the initiation of new projects and creating enduring collaboration between Germany and India in the field of bank purification and water resources management.
Website: https://www.research-in-germany.org
Contact: +49 (0)228 – 3821 2006

19. Indo German Business Development Association (IGBDA):

Image Courtesy of igbda.org

IGBDA assists trade between interested Indian and German companies. It is a platform which enables understanding of Indian – German culture and associated business processes.
We’re specialized in organizing training programs, counselling for setting-up business operations in India & Germany, identifying business opportunities as your company’s strength, etc.
Website: http://www.igbda.org
Contact: [email protected]

20. IGCS – Indo-German Centre for Sustainability:

Image Courtesy of igcs-chennai.org

IGSC avails the collaboration between German and Indian scientists in research, education, and training, distribution of information in the area of sustainable development.
The goal of IGSC is to develop capacity and capability to encourage consistent development in Germany, India and South Asia.
Website: http://www.igcs-chennai.org
Contact: [email protected] / [email protected]

21. German Center:

Image Courtesy of germancentre.com

The German Center enables platform German small and medium-sized enterprises in opening their local sources (Gurgaon, India) for creating and expanding their business activities in major growth markets.
They cater to office space & services, easy access to networks so that they smoothly enter into new markets with calculated risks and soft costs.
Website: http://en.gurgaon.germancentre.com/ueber-uns/konzept
Contact: [email protected]

22. Indo-German Training Centre:

Image Courtesy of igtcindia.com

Indo-German Training Center in India provides students with a standard management training program called the German Dual System. It enables them to get an understanding of the roles and services of German C3amber of Industry and Commerce.
We have a well-equipped library that provides necessary knowledge resources to trainees.
Website: http://mumbai.igtcindia.com
Contact: [email protected]

23. What’s Up Germany?

Image Courtesy of whatsupgermany.de

What’s Up Germany is an e-magazine carried out by the German Embassy in New Delhi. It gives young Indian readers exciting and engaging information about Germany and India.
It aims to provide fresh and dynamic case studies from Germany and India on various issues!
Contact:[email protected]


24. German House for Research and Innovation DWIH:

Image Courtesy of dwih.in

DWIH provides a platform for joint activities to promote German offerings to research and innovation and to strengthen ties between India & German scientific groups and other stakeholders. It acts as an association between interested parties and research groups in India and Germany.
Website: http://www.dwih.in
Contact: [email protected]

25. Indo German Center for Higher Education IGCHE:

Image Courtesy of igche.de

IGCHE is run by a union of German universities looking to standardize the exchange of Indian and German students by integrating a substantial part of Bachelor studies in the other country.
IGCHE students get additional language training in their home country as part of their regular syllabus.
Website: https://www.igche.de
Contact: [email protected]

26. German-Indian Manager Training Program:

The program prepares executives from India for business relations and economic cooperation with German companies, especially SME’s. The program participants come from companies with foreign trade potential wishing to establish contact with Germany.
Website: https://www.managerprogramm.de/en/partner-countries/india
Contact: +49 228 44 60-0

27. Indo-German Seminar – IIT Delhi – MCBR:

Indo-German Seminar MCBR allows uniting a School for Ph.D. students with the scientific meeting. The meeting also involves Ph.D. student exchange to strengthen the cooperation between Indian and German research groups.
The primary focus of these meetings is to create a suitable opportunity to debate on frontline areas in Modeling Chemical and Biological Reactivity.
Website: http://clri.res.in


Image Courtesy of infihealthcare.com

Infinity Mediquip India (Infihealthcare) is a well-known brand widely known for quality and good value home healthcare products.
Infihealthcare established in cooperation with Dr. Peter Oertel from Germany, and we are committed to developing excellent, inventive and user-friendly Home health care merchandise.
Website: https://www.infihealthcare.com
Contact: [email protected]

29. SKP Business Consulting LLP:

Image Courtesy of skpgroup.com

SKP is a rapidly growing professional services group in India. We offer comprehensive business and tax assistance and accounting services to global companies that are currently conducting or starting a business in India as well as those extending abroad.
We have successfully helped more than a hundred German firms across various industries in Inia.
Website: http://www.skpgroup.com
Contact: [email protected]

30. Seven Pillars:

Image Courtesy of sevenpillars.in

Seven Pillars assist overseas companies to gain a base in the enormous and appalling Indian market. Based on your business requirements (using identifying and contacting potential distribution), we provide advisory on other practical solutions.
You can associate with us right from initial market study to hiring top management and everything in-between.
Website: http://www.sevenpillars.in
Contact: [email protected]

31. Beyond Z Consulting LLP:

Image Courtesy of beyondzconsulting.com

Beyond Z is a management consulting firm focused on business execution and improving productivity & profitability of our member corporations. We help German companies in Lean Six Sigma training & Lean transformation.
We aid our clients to define strategic goals and metrics, build abilities of workers and mentor team members towards sustainable developments.
Website: http://www.beyondzconsulting.com
Contact: [email protected]

32. Idea Ventures Ltd.:

Idea Ventures is a bouquet consulting firm which provides marketing solutions and networks all over India. We can assist you in making an entry into the Indian market & setting up your organization in India.
We can also help you in liaisoning with the Indian administration and manage your legal obligations.
Website: http://www.ideaventures.in
Contact: [email protected]

33. Deutsches Institut:

Deutsches Institut is a Translation, Interpretation and Consulting Company based in Kerala, India. We have working experience with top German companies in India as Translator, Interpreter, and Counselor.
We can assist you in every requirement in India, especially in Kerala.
Contact: [email protected]

Image credit: www.istockphoto.com


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