Chinese insuretech company CareVoice starts operations in Hong Kong

Chinese insuretech company

Chinese insuretech company CareVoice starts operations in Hong Kong

Shanghai-based insurance company CareVoice takes significant steps in the Asian Market. The company raised fund around 2 million dollars in its early stages.

After brainstorming and preparing for several months, CareVoice has made a big move in the Asian market. CareVoice is a Shanghai-based insurance startup which was started in the year 2014. It started as a mobile application which helped people review medical services, later turned into an insuretech business. Its move from the mainland China will benefit the people of Hong Kong in a nice way. Customers of both Public, as well as private insurance, can access services of the company.

The digital health startup company has teamed up with Inter Partner Assistance in Hong Kong. They will come up with joint offerings and provide better features like Wechat accounts, better web, and mobile user interface.

With the integrated AI, members can also enjoy virtual voice-based health assistant. Users will be able to make much better choices by having a look at the insurance benefits and coverage. The plan is to help insurers save more money and make wise decisions.

Even though the company has expanded its wings, China will still remain its hub for all the development and research work.

CareVoice is expecting a good return from Hong Kong. Gaudin says that since Hong Kong is very much similar to the mainland China, working there will be exciting. Hong Kong is known as the mature insure market, working with a lot of competitions is what excites the organization.

CareVoice is best known for the quality and cost transparency it provides. A CareVoice member can easily make better medical decisions. With the help of the AI system, a member can analyze symptoms and determine the emergency to see a doctor. Private health insurance and private healthcare companies are still in its blooming stages in China. With constant insuretech collaborations, the company was making constant improvement in its features. The CareVoice application was introduced to make patients aware of the difference in quality and cost.

The company has already secured contracts with two of the leading insurers, PingAn and ZhongAn. Both the companies are a big name in itself; they have been making expansions aggressively in the insuretech sector. PingAn fintech was a client of CareVoice previously, CareVoice joined the accelerator of PingAn somewhere in June.

Although Yelp is becoming a new trend of searching doctors and reading reviews, it has hardly any impact on CareVoice. CareVoice is still rising in the insuretech sector at a reasonable rate. China has always been a place highly influenced by the consumers.

Gaudin says after realizing that the consumers are misguided, CareVoice was introduced as an open platform. He further added that consumers interest is always kept in mind before making any innovations by the company. Company’s product is only meant to help individuals manage their health by different means.

The innovative idea of the partner company and CareVoice is attracting a lot of investors. The company raised fund around 2 million dollars in its early stages.

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