Women healthcare startup, Maven raises funding of $27 Million

women healthcare startup

Women Healthcare Startup, Maven, raised funding of $27 Million

Maven recently announced $27 million series B funding for her return-to-work line of product.

The US-based healthcare start-up, Maven, is all set to introduce a new set of products. Recently Maven raised $27 million series B funds from investors like Oak HC/FT and Sequoia. The round of funding also includes Female Founders Fund, 14W, and Spring Mountain Capital.

Maven is a digital health platform that focuses on women and children. It was founded back in 2014. It aims to connect consumers and enterprises by providing varied offerings. In its series A funding, it raised an amount of $10 million. This telemedicine platform has raised a total $42 million funds till now.

The health platform connects doctors and patients through chat or video sessions. The platform provides varied services like fertility counseling and booking appointments.

The new funds will be used to introduce a new product in the existing return-to-work product line. The company is starting the shipping of breast milk services. The product aims to help new moms who return to work as soon as they have a child. The company is hoping to provide valuable resources to all the working women.

The major gap in the women healthcare sector is what made Maven come up. It was introduced to support and fill the differences in the women healthcare industry. Katherine Ryder says that women have issues more than just fertility and mensuration. The healthcare sector anyhow does not have enough support regarding other medical issues. Maven is a way a woman in 20s, 30s and so on, can easily deal with every health-related problem.

Maven also a has a family benefit plan for the employers. It covers everything a person planning family has to deal with.

So, the plan has coverage right from fertility to getting back to the office after having the baby. Employers generally buy this program for their employees. The world benefit truly justifies the plan.

According to the US Department of Labour, 40% of the mothers with children under 18 years are working. The breast milk shipping service is indeed a treat for all the working women. Women who have to join work soon after their delivery can easily send their milk to home for their baby. So, this is benefiting for both the mother and the baby. Booking the breast milk shipping service can be easily done through the application.

This digital health platform is extremely loved by millennials and woman in the rural areas. One can avail all type of services by just sending demand through the application.

Maven is designed in a way that it solves all the problems that occur in a woman’s life. However, it faced a lot of problems during its initial years as the healthcare sector has a lot of regulatory issues. Reforming health care was no less than any big struggle. The company is making major decisions for future innovations. It is planning to introduce products that will support the working women and seamlessly work in their respective offices.

Image credit: blog.mavenclinic.com


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