Thailand Board of Investment plans to promote medical robotics

medical robotics

Thailand Board of Investment plans to promote medical robotics

Thailand’s Board Of Investment has planned to assist the medical and science sector by encouraging the application of medical robots to upgrade the level of the healthcare sector in Thailand.

Thailand, being an international business hub for many multinational companies due to its well-established infrastructure, providing a platform for a highly skilled workforce, pro-investment policies and strong export industries at the center of Asia. And considering this immense reputation of Thailand, they have plans to establish medical services and devices to get a stronger grip in the regional medical and healthcare sector.

Thailand Board Of Investment has planned to provide numerous variety of medical resources through a different set of investment promotion incentives in the form of healthcare, and medical robots.

It has been reported that as the medical robots are largely dependent on three major factors and due to these variations would be expected in the investment incentive plans.

The factors on which the manufacturing of robots is dependent are manufacturing of the high-tech equipment, assembling of that equipment and then designing high-tech devices with complete finished products.

Thailand has been showing great progress in the development and establishment of medical robots by promoting investments in robotics technology and in the field of medical science. Medical Science has been witnessing the application of robots in various fields such as rehabilitation, treatment, and healthcare, surgery and diagnosis of diseases.

Medical robots: Future of healthcare

Medical Robots are getting an immense level of admiration from all the fields due to its flawless working and result generation. Thus, they have been used in a wide range of the medical sector.

Medical robots are also been used to carry out brain surgery in many renowned hospitals and medical schools and by this, they have been encouraging robots assisted surgeries to be adopted by numerous hospitals all over Thailand.

Medical robots have also proved to be beneficial in assisting rehabilitation and playing an important role.

It is also essential to notice that the cost of robot development is affordable as compared to other medical equipment and due to this cost reduction medical robots will find a better place in the years to come.

Medical robots also find their application in numerous hospitals by providing assistance to the doctors in remote hospitals and helping them to diagnose the diseases and providing better treatment. With this implementation of medical robots, Artificial Intelligence(AI) also finds a vital role in the R&D sector to impart a great platform for doctors to resolve difficult surgical issues and perform complicated surgery.

Thailand Board of Investment along with several government agencies are joining hands to upgrade the level of medical robots in a wide range of sectors and making the future bright.

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