Suki, an AI-powered doctor assistant raises funding of $20 Million

AI-powered doctor assistant

AI-powered doctor assistant

Does your doctor need a voice-enabled device for documenting Patients disease? Meet Suki for documenting the notes without a pen.

Doctors in the clinics tend to write their notes and documentation regarding each patient. This makes the task annoying, as they never think of replacing pen with AI device. Punit Soni realized this pain point by visiting clinics and spent hours to figure out the working of Suki, which was also previously called as Robin AI.

Suki helps medical professionals to take notes as they start talking aloud in the clinic. AI replaces writing notes, thus reducing a significant amount of time on paperwork.

Suki also helps the clinic is retrieving patient’s data in the eHealth niche. Voice-powered digital assistant-Suki has amazingly raised $20 million.

The AI-powered device is undergoing rounds of pilot testing in orthopaedics, ophthalmology, and plastic surgery practices in Georgia and California. The results show that Suki helps in reducing the time up to 60% when compared to writing notes with Pen. The Series A funding round was together held by Venrock, First Round, Social Capital, Flatiron Health CEO Nat Turner and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.

Suki-an AI-powered doctor assistant company said, that they will use these funds for expanding their business operations around the globe. The team is working on creating action plans for patient care that will be based on doctor-patient visit and the doctor has known preferences including clinical practice guidelines.

Punit Soni-CEO of Suki said, “We decided we had found a powerful constituency who were burning out because of just documentation.” He further added, “They have underlying EMR systems that are much older in design. The solution aligns with the commoditization of voice and machine learning. If you put it all together, we can build a system for doctors and allow doctors to use it in a relatively easy way, they will use it to document all the interactions they do with patients. If you have access to all data right from a horse’s mouth, you can use that to solve all the other problems on the health stack.”

Suki helps in searching and retrieving patient data like imaging screenshots. It will be exciting to see doctors telling Suki, that I am a bit concerned that the patient has flu and Suki will take charge in documenting the conversation into the actual format, considering a proposed plan for treating the flu.

In case, a doctor prescribes medicines, Suki will update the eHealth record system. The team is working hard to make the device compatible with the understanding of the different language. Suki should ingest every word said by the doctor. It has to parse it and figure out what all goes in a patient’s documentation. The problem is a bit complex as each doctor has a different style of documentation his or her notes with respect to the patient.

The team is making Suki very much efficient so that a system can be built that can scale to any number of doctors. Suki also makes sure that the patient comes back to follow up visit thus making the device powerful in digital health.

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