98point6 launches AI-powered primary care services in 10 US states

AI-powered primary care services

AI-powered primary care services in the US

98point6 launches an AI Program facilitating primary health care services at minimal costs. The app will provide basic health care facilities to people just by a mere click.

The company, 98point6’s on-demand primary health care service program takes care of many medical aspects like personalized consultations by expert physicians, diagnosis of the disease that the patient suffers from as well as adequate treatment and guidelines to render the patient suffering free. The program is an amalgamation of latest technological aspects of Artificial Intelligence with medical services, basic assets of medicine i.e. the patients as well as the people who cure i.e. expert doctors.

The innovative idea put forward by 98point6 not only proves to be beneficial for the patients but also the doctors, providing employment to many newly graduated doctors as well as ameliorated employment opportunities for the old ones.

Of all the forms of injustice and inequity prevalent in the global world, disloyalty related to health care aspects is the most inhumane and cruel one for it takes away the mere life of the concerned person. Primary health care is the only way to restore or prevent people from getting infected with grave diseases.

In order to strengthen the medical advancements, 98point6 has launched this program, which is an astounding project to take the global medical facilities to a commendable level.

The problems regarding undertaking an appointment to see a physician and the number of days one is required to wait for the same has been tackled by this innovation.

The program doesn’t really require real-time patient interaction, the basis of this primary healthcare initiative is doctors ask the patients productive questions, collect the patient’s history or chart information, 98point6’s advanced AI services takes off every other aspect that the physician must know. Patient profiles are built by the AI system and every visit of the patient enthrals the 98point6 team with new yet crucial information about the patient.

After all the vital details are gathered, doctors take a look at it and begin with the diagnosis and treatment part via the private, in-app messaging services, ameliorating the communication for both the sides.

Another benefit of this private, virtual consultation is that it saves the patient from the embarrassment that prevails in real-time consultations if the problem is humiliating.

Getting done with the diagnosis, the treatment part is believed to be the most vital one, the physician provides the patients with a detailed treatment plan containing diagnosis, treatment in aspects of medicines, prescriptions as well as lab diagnosis that are indicated to further know the disease picture.

The app doesn’t put it a prerequisite for the patients to have a health insurance, services are readily available at just $20 per year, providing the patients with a low-cost medical care, thereby taking the medical care to an all new level of economic as well as professional prosperity.

Currently, the program is available in 10 states of United States i.e. California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Low subscription fee renders the patients with an economically stable as well as steady consultation by expert physicians of different medical branches.

Image credit: www.98point6.com



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