5 Healthcare startups complete Digital Health Accelerator Munich

Digital Health Accelerator Munich

5 Healthcare startups complete Digital Healthcare Accelerator Munich

WERK1 and Roche have collaborated to create the first accelerator for startups, ‘Digital Health’. It aims to uphold digital advancement and open exchange between startups and industries.

WERK1 and Roche have collaborated and are driving forward the digitization of the healthcare arrangement. They are creating the first accelerator for startup, ‘Digital Health’ in Munich. This program aims to uphold digital advancement, artistic philosophy and open exchange between industries and the startups.

They want to help motivated startups to grow and expand their businesses. They want them to join hands with industries and accelerator leaders. They want to help them encourage advancement in the digital health business and chip into a better life.

Digital health accelerator Munich wants to bridge the gap between start-ups and industries by this joint event with Roche.

From February to June 2018, the five startups including the two finalists FibriCheck from Belgium and StethoMe from Poland along with Inveox from Germany, Medicus AI from Austria and SagivTech from Israel, worked together with Roche.

They worked on the premises of Werk1 which is a hotspot of the digital startups, on specific introductory projects. Roche mentors and external experts supported the start-ups individually with tailor-made workshops, coaching and business expertise.

FibriCheck from Belgium and StethoMe from Poland were the two finalists for the FXH Start-up Awards 2017. The participant start-ups will present their concluding results to investors and other stakeholders. T

hen Roche will prolong to exchange views with the said five startups, on all possible forms of assistance – including mutual research projects, mentoring programs and share takeovers. Belgium has seen very innovative start-ups in the healthcare sector previously as well.

WERK1 provides apt grounds for various proceedings, from the meeting room for the first pitch or to the large event room for 200 individuals.

Dr. med. Ursula Redekar who is the spokeswoman for Roche Diagnostics GmbH expressed her happiness for the evolution they had achieved with the pilot phase. They were happy to achieve success with the development of their business models. They believe that they were successful in providing optimum support to the startups for further development. The event was undoubtedly a big success where everybody who was a part of it got to witness new creativity and dynamism in the ideas of the startups.

Medicus offers a sharp software that is capable of analyzing and evaluating the health data in a holistic manner. This would help the diagnostic lab create an atmosphere that is patient-friendly. Verena Kretschmann, the Head of Europian Operations of Medicus expressed that their collaboration with Roche helped the company immensely.

He also said that this step helped them further in getting various other contacts and ideas to develop on this innovation further. This was a big step for Medicus and they were happy to have succeeded in their venture’s start-up.

Because of the thriving pilot segment, Roche plans to continue the idea of the Digital Health Accelerator. It is aimed at startups worldwide and will go in September with the “Batch One” in Munich in the subsequent round.

Image credit: www.werk1.com


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