Healthcare accelerator Dreamit announces a cohort of 9 digital health startups

Dreamit announces a cohort of 9 digital health startups

Dreamit announces a cohort of 9 digital health startups

Pre-series A accelerator Dreamit announced its spring 2018 cohort of digital health startups, which includes Giblib, HealthTensor, Infermedica and others set to transform healthcare.

Nearly every life sciences company is building an accelerator to compete in a competitive environment. Successful accelerators have helped support sweeping innovations in digital healthcare today that can help save lives. Digital seed accelerators like the Boston-based HealthXL has graduated clinical efficiency startup Zephyr Health and the multi-city accelerator JLABs has graduated heart assist device EvaHeart. Such accelerators are playing an important role in today’s healthcare industry, which is transforming because of innovation by startups.

Seed accelerator Dreamit announced the startups that are going to benefit from its latest 14-week mentorship program in the spring of 2018.

The New York and Philadelphia-based venture fund will take nine startups that have market-ready ideas, and help them develop their products to attract investors during early funding rounds.

The companies that will be a part of the latest cohort are Infermedica, Healthtensor, McCoy Health, Giblib, Praos Health,, Vitls, Tailored Care, and Vytalize Health. These startups will be taken through mentorship and training that will prepare them through education, training and networking in the medical field to help them gain initial traction and scale their business successfully.

Dreamit’s official website informs chosen and interested participants that it provides ‘growth-focused programming, hands-on coaching and warm introductions‘ with enterprise level customers.

There are several AI-driven companies on the recent list. AI is considered to be a technology that will shape the future of healthcare. It helps medical professionals delegate low-level functions to artificial intelligence, so they can focus their energies on higher-level tasks.

Among the AI companies in the cohort, there are several that improve efficiency. HealthTensor is an AI company that makes it easier for clinicians to automate documentation. Infermedica is yet another AI-based startup that helps clinicians collect and analyze data for more efficient diagnosis. helps to improve clinical trials using AI.

Other startups include McCoy Health, the developer of Carealign, which is a software for care coordination. This startup will help care teams access and share patient data in real time. Startup Giblib styles itself as the “Netflix of Surgical Education” and offers a library of medical lectures and surgical procedures for VR, web and mobile access.

Tailored Care will also help with care management to help seniors live as long as possible without assisted living. Praos Health hopes to be a staffing directory of nurses, that healthcare organizations can turn to, in order to meet staffing shortages.

The final startup to join the Dreamit cohort is Vytalize Health. This startup is a system designed for primary care to seniors, as an alternative to assisted living facilities. Independent providers can join the network as a partner and benefit from better pay and an established infrastructure.

Dreamit has been running its mentorship program since 2013.

Some of the startups that have participated in the past include AI startup Ejenta that develops remote monitoring technology for NASA to track astronaut health on the ISS (International Space Station).

Startup Karuna offers patients methods of pain management with VR.

Dreamit CIO Steve Barsh says, “We are on the road with Dreamit startups two weeks in various cities during customer immersions and two weeks during a bi-coastal investor roadshow.” The rest of the time, the companies work with Dreamit remotely.

Joining the mentorship program doesn’t mean an immediate check from Dreamit. However, the accelerator does have the right to invest in the next round of funding.

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