Finnish employee wellness tech company raises $7.6 Million

Finnish employee wellness tech company

Finnish employee wellness tech company raises funding of $7.6 Million

Hintsa performance along with OP Insurance and Pontos group working for the well-being of Formula-1 Drivers. They have raised $7.6 million which will be used to provide better medical services for the employees.

A Finnish company Hintsa performance was developed with the union of H2 Wellbeing, owners of HeiaHeia app and Hintsa performance about two years ago. Recently, the funding of the company was elevated several times to ensure better medical and health facilities to the formula-1 drivers.

Facilitating these initiatives are the highly sorted companies like OP Insurance and Pontos groups. Not just new companies, the investors who helped in manufacture earlier like Ilmarinen willingly helped this time as well. Originally, technological advancements of H2 were linked with health service offering platform Hintsa wellbeing for the betterment of medical services provided to Formula 1 Drivers.

Jussi Räisänen, CEO and co-founder of Hintsa Performance also stated the reasons why the two companies merged to link the services offered by each one of them. The premier reason for merging with the other two companies was to broaden their dimensions along with instilling more detailed scientific technology.

Since those times, the companies have been working in a united manner to attain a common goal, in the process ensuring sustainability in health and medical services for employees.

Also the social media platform, HeiaHeia app was used to advertise and scale the initiatives. These small initiatives prove to be highly beneficial in the long run.

The technology is highly flexible and can be altered as per the requirements of the clients. Along with providing necessary services to clients, this technology is also fruitful for the end-user employees. The company renders the medical services to almost everybody, including the employees, the insurance companies and physical therapists that work for employee’s health.

The technology can be perceived in multiple manners, from training programs to coaching or even a casual experience loaded with thrill.

It all comes down to the organization which the person works for, so overall the partner with which company works is the basis of the whole thing.

Some of the people that the company works with are sporty and athletic, while the others are more towards the competitive side, that’s what makes the difference. Also, the insurers are the major asset of the company, which renders UP Insurance a special place in the technology. It seems that not many insurance companies have worked in the health-related matters, states Räisänen.

The area is yet to be explored by the majority of them and OP Insurance feels pleased to get their hands on this new venture. The funding will be used majorly in hiring employees. Also, Hintsa performance is broadening its boundaries by learning more about machines and instilling the same in the betterment of the clients.

A few months ago, Healthcare Company initiated a similar venture for the wellbeing of employees.

In order to promote better health and medical services to the workers, they started paying their employees for exercising and work-out activities. Karrot health startup motivated their employees for better fitness goals.

Also, certain wearables were used to access the health of the employees like Apple watch and Fitbit.

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