WHO adopts digital health resolution initiated by India

WHO adopts digital health resolution

WHO adopts digital health resolution initiated by India

India introduced digital health resolution in the 71st World Health Assembly that gathered in Geneva on 21st May. The resolution will enable WHO to shortlist and work on the priority areas to improve healthcare services around the world through the use of digital technologies.

The world of today is making significant advances in the provision of digital health technology to the masses. The countries have now started realizing the potential of digital health technology to improve the reach of quality healthcare far and wide.

Recently, India initiated a digital health resolution, which was unanimously appreciated at the 71st World Health Assembly when it met in Geneva on 21st May this year. The assembly, which is the decision-making body of World Health Organisation was attended by delegates of all the member states.

India’s Health and Family Welfare Minister Jagat Prakash Nadda tweeted, “I’m happy to share that the landmark resolution on digital health, initiated by India, was unanimously adopted by the 71st World Health Assembly in Geneva. India received widespread praise for its leadership on this forward-looking agenda.”

This resolution will enable World Health Organisation to shortlist priority areas that can benefit the lost from digital health technologies.

It can then direct member states to improve their health systems as required, which will lead to the strengthening of the global digital health agenda.

The resolution was introduced by Joint Secretary of International Health, Lav Agarwal on behalf of India and 20 cosponsors. He said, “Digital health is important in the context of countries achieving health-related SDG targets as well WHO’s implementation of 13th General Program of Work. Digital health agenda is multisectoral and cross-cutting in nature.”

This resolution is about digitally empowering member states, WHO, health providers and above all the patients. We all need to embark on a journey from a Digital Health Resolution towards a Digital Health Movement.

JP Nadda in the address to the assembly said that it is the need of the hour that everyone supports this resolution.

Digital health technology has the power to drastically improve affordability, accessibility and quality of healthcare to the world population.

There are hundreds of digital healthcare startups that have sprung up across the world including countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Germany, India, and Israel.

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